Sunday, January 30, 2005


Holy Northern Bank Notes,Mary!

I would like you to check out this very funny cartoon which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Irish Government are doing very well in fighting crime in our society.

You can find the cartoon here.

Warning:There are scenes which some of you may find upsetting.Not me,though!


Light Blogging

Blogging will be very light from me over the next few days as I have a pretty busy schedule.

I must admit I'm not too bothered though as I'm pretty fed up right now after all the controversy over McAleese's comments.

Depressing stuff.I need a break!

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-29.01.05

Hero: Dr Donal Deery:Mourners gathered today for the funeral of this Belfast doctor who died saving his girlfriend's life in a mountain climbing accident.

Dr Deery's actions were truly heroic and his death is a tragedy.

Villain: David Trimble:I feel his comments today were a sickening example of the incredible hypocrisy of unionist leaders over the comments made by President McAleese.

Trimble would do well to watch his own mouth.The things he has said about my country in the past were deliberate.


Down With That Sort of Thing

I found an amusing story on UTV regarding calls for the Catholic Church to consider employing part-time priests to boost flagging clergy numbers.

I particularly enjoyed the funny comment left by someone called Frank from White Plains,NY.

You can find the story here.


Dublin Nationalism?

Am I the only one who is surprised there is not a Dublin Nationalist Party?How about a Cork Nationalist Party?
Take a look at some countries around the world:

Spain-Dealing with Basque Separatists

Canada-Dealing with Quebec nationalists

Britain-Dealing with alot!The Scots,Welsh,Irish,Cornish etc.

Yet the Irish Republic does not have anyone seeking to break away from it.If Ireland wasn't aspiring towards Irish unity,would there be groups in Ireland seeking independence,I wonder?

Perhaps it's time there was a Dublin Nationalist Party?Let's face it we're good enough to be our own country!


All-Ireland Police Force

I think a great step on the road to a United Ireland would be the creation of an all-Ireland police service.Many nationalists have called for this in the past including John Hume and indeed at one point it was also a proposal by the British Labour Party.
I have stated before that I believe for there to be a United Ireland without the border there must first be a United Ireland with the border.
An all-Ireland police force would be a good start,I feel.

What do you all think about this proposal?


The Irish Language-Na Fadhbanna

It is clear there are many problems(fadhbanna) with the Irish language right now.I don't know if the Irish language can ever be truly saved but I'm sure it can be better preserved.
I am no expert on the Irish language by any means as I know very few phrases and focal but I think the Irish Government could be doing more for the Irish language.Here are a couple of ideas off the top of my head which I feel the Irish Government could do to reach out to Irish people and encourage them to learn their native language:

1. Offer better incentives for those who can speak the language.'Positive Discrimination' as they say.

2. Instead of the usual 'Close' at night on RTE,why not have tips to help people learn the language?I notice the BBC do this for languages like French and Spanish at the 'Close'.

3. Allow the people of Ireland's north to receive TG4.

4. A more relaxed system of learning Irish in schools.Forcing it down people's throats causes kids to spit it out.I only enjoyed learning Irish in my third and fourth year in secondary school.Before that,I hated it.I'm not surprised Irish people come out of school liking French more than Irish as it's taught in a more relaxed way than Irish is.

5. Create facilities for older people to learn Irish.

Feel free to offer your own suggestions.


United Ireland-Federal Structure

There are some elements of Republican Sinn Fein's controversial Eire Nua proposal that I support such as their idea of a federation of the four provinces of Ireland under a national parliament at the Dail.
I feel this would be required as it is clear that the politicians of the North have gotten a taste for power from their experience of devolution and it is obvious that rule from Dublin would be met with hostitlity by large sections of the unionist community and I imagine also from the nationalist community.

Therefore I feel allowing Ulster the chance to govern its own day-to-day affairs is of vital importance.Ideally,each province would be able to look after its own affairs although some difficulties could very well emerge.

It seems to me though that a United Ireland would need to function on a federal basis as this would offer the smoothest form of government for the people of Ireland.
A federal structure should be offered to the unionist community by an Irish government which is calling for reunification.


Irish Ignorance-Jeopardising Sovereignty

I was shocked to learn that according to a Eurobarometer opinion poll,almost half the Irish population have never heard of the proposed EU constitution.

One-third of the 25,000 Europeans questioned as part of the poll said they were unaware of the document,but this figure was 45% among Irish respondents.

The scariest thing of all however were the figures revealing that 28% of Irish people questioned in the survey said they supported the proposed constitution,with only 5% opposing it,which is the lowest figure in any EU member state.

Irish people need to learn more about this constitution because if it is supported in a referednum it will signal the beginning of the end of Irish sovereignty.This is no joke.
The vote on this constitution will be a vote that will be crucial to the future of Ireland as we know it and a resounding "No!" is required!
I am heartened by a poll in the Daily Telegraph suggesting that 45% of British people will vote against the constitution with 24% in favour.

Irish people need to follow the example of the British on this issue and reject this threat to sovereignty!


Capital of United Ireland-Belfast?

If I may return to issues of Irish nationalism,I know that some nationalists have advocated that in the event of a United Ireland,the capital city should become Belfast.
I wonder how many nationalists would accept this?Would such a gesture prove useful in encouraging unionists to vote for a United Ireland?
Would such a gesture infuriate Irish people,particularly Dubliners,and encourage them to vote against the idea of a United Ireland?

Personally,I am of the opinion that Dublin would have to be the capital of a United Ireland although I'm probably biased in having that view since I'm a Dubliner!

What are your own opinions on Belfast being the capital of a United Ireland?


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Eamon Bradley:I commented on this man yesterday and how he lost his life trying to save his neighbour's life in a fire.

May this hero rest in peace.

Villain of the Week: Ian Paisley Jnr: I was disgusted by the comments he made about the history of the Irish Republic which were deeply insulting.He is a xenophobic pig.

Funniest Moment of the Week: UTV Headlines: I found the headlines on UTV this week to be absolutely hilarious.In case you missed them you can find them here and here.

Dunce of the Week: Mary McAleese:She admitted her choice of words in her radio interview were "clumsy".However I think her decision to apologise was just as stupid.

Celebrity of the Week: Bono:He was at the World Economic Forum in Davos,Switzerland this week where he praised Tony Blair's contribution to eradicating poverty in Africa and he insisted he is not afraid to criticise heads of state when he thinks they aren't doing enough.

Well done Bono.Your efforts are saving lives and I salute you!

Quote of the Week: "They gave to their children an irrational hatred of Jews in the same way that people in Northern Ireland transmitted to their children an irrational hatred of Catholics,in the same way that people give to their children an outrageous and irrational hatred of those who are of different colour and all of those things." - President McAleese.Comments which exposed the bigotry that is so prevalent still in society and which showed the startling hypocrisy of unionists.

United Irelander's Busiest Day of the Week: Friday-over 115 visits


Bloody Hypocrite

In a sickening example of the remarkable hypocrisy of unionist leaders,UUP leader David Trimble has told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that he welcomes President McAleese's apology after her controversial comments on Thursday.

"I'm glad that there has been an apology,because I considered the remarks remarkably ill-judged,"he said.Referring to her comments in which she condemned anti-Catholicism as well as anti-Semitism,Trimble said:

"While no doubt that is true of some people,it is not right to lump together the Protestants of Northern Ireland and accuse them of this and to ignore the fact that a considerable amount of hatred exists within some members of the Catholic community."

What a disgusting hypocrite!This is a man who remarked about my country: "Take away anti-Britishness and Catholicism and the State has no reason to exist."
Not only that he has also remarked that the Irish Republic was a "pathetic,sectarian,mono-cultural,mono-ethnic State".

Now where the hell was his apology?!Where the hell were the unionists who were so terribly upset with what McAleese may have implied when Trimble said his comments?!
Trimble,the member of the Orange Order,lecturing people on how dangerous it is to "lump together" people!It makes me sick!
What a bloody hypocrite!

Friday, January 28, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-28.01.05

Hero: Eamon Bradley:I was very sad to hear about this man who died as he attempted to rescue his neighbour from a house fire.
Friends and relatives praised Mr Bradley's bravery after learning he rushed to Ann McBride's aid.

What a terrible tragedy.My deepest sympathies go to the families of the two people.Mr Bradley died a hero.

Villain: Mary McAleese:She has given into the narrow-minded fools who castigated her for absolutely nothing.She's lost my respect for her decision to apologise.


McAleese Apologises-Bigots Get Their Wish

I'm very disappointed to see that Mary McAleese has apologised for the comments she made while marking the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Aushwitz.
President McAleese expressed her devastation at the comments she made which angered the Protestant community.
Speaking tonight Ms McAleese said she was deeply sorry and her point was clumsily made.

She went on to say that there was sectarianism on both sides of the community and that she should have included the hatred of Protestants by Catholics in the example she used.
An Orange Order spokesman welcomed the apology,but said it was too early to reconsider a decision to cancel a meeting with the President.

So the President has said sorry.You know what?I'm sorry too.I'm sorry she has bowed to these extremist bigots who saw things in her words that clearly weren't there.
By bowing to the pressures of these hardline narrow-minded hypocrites I have lost alot of respect for her.
Trimble never apologised for his comments about the Irish Republic and no one cared.No one cared that Paisley never apologised for his comments or actions.
Yet this woman's crime is not what she said but what she didn't say and what she implied.
Ridiculous.I hope the people who got their knickers in a twist over this non-issue are satisfied.
Personally,it makes me sick to my stomach.


Do You Believe in Mind Reading?You Might Now...

I found an interesting site that I'm sure you'll enjoy.Prepare to be amazed as it reads your mind!
You can find it here.

Prepare to be amazed!


Fun Irelander Feature-Toilet Graffiti

What is it about toilet graffiti?It never ceases to amaze me the stuff one can read on the walls of toilets.While some of it is childish stuff like"Up the RA" etc. some of it is also quite deep!
I've read quotes from Ghandi in some toilets but the best comments are the funny ones.
I recently came across this great one:

"Wise man once say,better for bottom to fall out of earth,
than for earth to fall out of bottom!"

Just the kind of thing you want to hear...or maybe not!


Friday Fun-News in Brief

This week the question to be asked in the British EU referendum was revealed and it is:
"Should the United Kingdom approve the treaty establishing a constitution for the European Union?"
It is not yet clear what the wording will be for the Irish referendum.

May I suggest: "Should Ireland bend over for the EU and give away its sovereignty to the bureaucrats of Brussels?"
Actually perhaps it shouldn't be worded in that way as knowing Irish people,they'd probably vote Yes!

It was reported in the Evening Herald this week that comedian Brendan O'Carroll was heavily criticised for a performance he gave for a Eurovision special concert in aid of victims of the tsunami disaster in Asia which critics called "appalling".
Apparently he used very foul language when there were kids present and referred to Twink in very unkind terms.
O'Carroll hit back saying highlighting his foul language would be like a news headline saying "Hens lay eggs".

Or how about a news headline saying,"Brendan O'Carroll isn't funny"?
Let me tell you something,if you listen to that man perform,laughter is the last thing you'll be likely to hear!


Orange Order Offended by Bigotry!

I had to laugh at this story featured on UTV(hat-tip to Belfast Gonzo at Slugger) regarding the decision by the Orange Order to cancel official talks with the President after her comments she made while marking the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

Hilariously,the OO say they made the decision due to Mary McAleese's "grossly offensive slur" against the Protestant people of the North.

Is this a joke or what?The Orange Order,that great symbol of bigotry and xenophobia,is offended by comments against a religious community?
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.(a fitting idiom to use since throwing stones is a common feature of several OO parades!)
I'm glad they're not coming.They don't deserve the privilege to come to my city.Bunch of bigots.


United Irelander Takes Back Comments on Simon Wiesenthal Centre

I launched a pretty harsh attack on the Simon Wiesenthal Centre on January 13th at what I perceived to be anti-Irish sentiments from the organisation.
I also sent the organisation an email expressing to them my anger and disappoointment at their remarks.
Recently I received a reply from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre which included a letter from Shimon T.Samuels to the editor of the Irish Independent in which he indicated that his position had been misinterpreted.

I stated on January 13th that I had lost respect in the organisation but I have regained it.
I am satisfied that no anti-Irishness was intended and I wish the organisation all the best.


Friday Fun's Fictionary Fight

I see Mark Durkan has come to President McAleese's defence over her comments marking the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Aushwitz.This is in stark contrast to Ian Paisley Junior who has tried to make out she is a bigot.Take a look at your father and take a look in the mirror,kid!

But who would win in a fight between Mark Durkan and Ian Paisley Junior?

I think it would have to be Mark Durkan!Beneath those glasses burn the eyes of a gladiator!


Paisley Junior proves he's a Prat

Listen to this comment from Ian Paisley Jr which can at best be desribed as the mutterings of an uneducated ignorant degenerate and can at worst be described as the utterance of a foul-mouthed xenophobic pig:

"Political leaders from the Irish Republic would be better to say nothing about the Second World War given the record of Irish governments and the role played by senior politicians during and after the conflict,"referring to the condolences de Valera sent to the German embassy following the death of Hitler.

Anyone who has studied history will know that de Valera did this as a mark of respect to Edouard Hempel,the German ambassador to Ireland who co-operated with the Irish government and who did not make life difficult for the Irish government over its neutral stance.
Paisley had more to say:

"As a Fianna Fail President,Mrs McAleese should question the role and actions of her predecessors,rather than criticise the Protestants of Northern Ireland who at least fought against Nazism."

This last line is scandalous and goes above and beyond anything McAleese said.This is a calculated swipe at Irish people in the south.Paisley Jr should know that 60,000 Irish people from the south(including a grandfather of mine)fought in that war.
He was not a Protestant yet is his role worth less?

I have commented many times that the role of the Irish government during WW2 was quite remarkable considering that Ireland and Britain were at each other's throats only twenty years previously.

Paisley Jr's comments are an attack on the Irish people in the south who fought and thus an attack on the present day Irish state.Up yours,Paisley Junior!
Your comments are a disgrace and I feel you are truly a xenophobic pig.
Take a look at the loyalists who sympathised with the Nazi scum and if you want an example of bigotry,look no further than James Craig who declared a "Protestant state for a Protestant people".Most of all,look at your own father!


Friday Fun's Fascinating Fact

In World War II,the German submarine U-120 was sunk by a malfunctioning toilet.

Commenting on the matter,President McAleese blamed it on the shoddy Protestant workmanship that caused the Titanic to sink.(Note-may not be true)

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-27.01.05

Hero: Bertie Ahern:I've been impressed with Ahern of late!Apparently he is to ask British PM Tony Blair to apologise to the family of a member of the wrongfully-convicted Guildford Four.

Well done to Ahern and hopefully Mr Blair will duly oblige with the apology.If any British Prime Minister has the courage to do this honourable thing,it is Mr Blair.

Villain: Mary McAleese:Oh dear!She has earned the wrath of the Protestant community for comments made during ceremonies to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in which she likened those who passed on anti-Semitic attitudes to their children with Protestants in the North who did the same by passing on anti-Catholic attitudes.

I think it's all a big fuss over nothing!I'm particularly disappointed with Ian Paisley Jr's comments that she "is spewing out hatred of the Protestant community".

She made an error by only using Protestants as an example as obviously there were also some Catholics who passed on anti-Protestant attitudes.This does not make her a bigot though.
The irony of Paisley Jr accusing someone of showing hatred for another religion!


United Irish Anthem

I believe Amhran na bhFiann should be scrapped in the event of a United Ireland.
I believe this for three reasons.
Firstly,it lacks the support of the unionist community who would not accept it as an anthem.
Secondly,the tune does not really have an Irish sound to it.
Finally,the song itself isn't great!

What do people feel would be an appropriate anthem for a United Ireland?Is there currently a song that people think should be used or do people think a new anthem should be tried(risking another diabolical effort like Ireland's Call)?

Let's hear your views!


Thursday Thoughts:Monarchy in a UI

I notice some people had a problem with my proposal for a joint head of state for a United Ireland that would have a President and a monarch.I really don't know what the problem is!
A marriage of two states,like the marriage of two people,would require compromise.
Allowing a role for the monarchy in a United Ireland is not a big deal.It would be a nice gesture from nationalists to unionists acknowledging the mark Britishness has made on Ireland.

Assuming the Republic had chosen to rejoin the Commonwealth before the issue of Irish unity was on the table(which is how I believe it should be),then the Queen will have been given a degree of influence over Ireland anyway.Thus,it would not be difficult to arrange for joint heads of state with the President of Ireland looking after domestic issues and the Queen looking after issues involving the Commonwealth.
There would be no oath of allegiance to the monarchy at all so the people would have nothing to fear.

If this proposal could help convince unionists to vote for a United Ireland,why are nationalists so quick to dismiss it?I think Irish people who identify with their Irishness by slagging off the British monarchy are suffering from a Napoleon complex!
My Irishness doesn't require me to hate some old lady on a throne and my nationalism doesn't require me to believe in the narrow-minded Gaelic guff esposed by Adams,McGuinness and their naive supporters!


Technical Difficulties

I apologise for my impromptu hiatus from United Irelander but,much to my annoyance on Wednesday morning,I discovered I could not access the internet never mind my blog!
In the end it turns out I was denied access due to issues with my ISP but they appear to be sorted out now so I'm back in business.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-25.01.05

Hero: Bertie Ahern:Not a bad day for the chief!He stood by his belief that Sinn Fein leaders knew the IRA were planning to rob the Northern Bank and he also admitted that promoting Ray Burke to his first cabinet was a mistake.

Bertie Ahern exhibiting honesty?!I don't know what's brought all this on but I like it!

Villain: Setanta Sports:Uh oh.Apparently the TV station is to make a bid for the rights to broadcast GAA matches.
Croke park bosses will soon meet to discuss TV rights for the next three years and Setanta will join RTE and TG4 in the battle.

I imagine there will be more than a few GAA fans upset with this news and I wouldn't blame them!


Top Ten Tuesday-Anthems

This was touched on last week so I've decided this week to name what I feel are the top ten national anthems.So without further ado:

10. Wales

Feel free to offer your own opinions.


Remember Them...

Alot of you may know that I feel strongly about the fact that the Irish people who fought for the British in the two World Wars are all too often forgotten and not given the credit and respect that they deserve.
I have stated before that I feel there should be an all-Ireland rememberance at the time of the Rememberance celebrations and I find it disappointing that the Irish people don't consider wearing a poppy the way our neighbours across the sea do.

As Auschwitz is being honoured right now I feel it would be an appropriate time to try and raise the issue about those forgoten heroes of Irish history who have been airbrushed from history.
I would be interested in finding sites which promote this issue so if any visitors to this blog know of any Irish sites which advocate that the Irish people who fought for the British in wars get better recognition,I would be interested in finding out about them.Thank you.


United Irish Dominion?

It is my opinion that if a United Ireland is to achieve the backing of the unionist people it must allow for a relationship with the British monarchy.In other words,I don't believe in a United Irish Republic.I don't feel the idea is workable.
In order for unionists to consider voting for a United Ireland an Irish government would have to lay the foundations for it first.The Republic would have to be eroded away gradually thus ensuring that Britishness would be safeguarded in a United Ireland.
Ultimately,the United Ireland might have to have dominion status like the Irish Free State had and like Canada and Australia currently have.

Most nationalists who want a United Ireland automatically assume this will mean a United Irish Republic.Why?If Irish unity can be brought about by forsaking the republican system of government,isn't that something worth considering?It is in my view.

I favour a system similar to Andorra in the event of a United Ireland.There would be a President and a British monarch for Ireland.If Ireland was a part of the Commonwealth,the Queen could represent the Irish in matters relating to the Commonwealth while the President could look after domestic affairs.
It would be a unique relationship but then again the Anglo-Irish relationship is unique.

Irish nationalists need to start thinking about about the sacrifices that may have to be made to attain unity.Is dominion status really that bad if it brings about the end of the border?

Monday, January 24, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-24.01.05

Hero: Owen Arthur:The prime-minister of Barbados intends to make the Caribbean island a republic and wants to replace the Queen as the official head of state with a locally elected president.

Well done Mr Arthur!Hopefully you will spur on other countries to do the same.

Villain: Ray Burke:The former government minister was today jailed for six months for two tax-dodging offences.

He has been left in disgrace but I still feel the sentence is too lenient.


Without the Drama...

Many people have said that they would love for the drama to disappear from politics in the North.Are they sure?
I must say a big thank you to Mark McGregor over at Slugger O'Toole who directed to me to the UTV website and to this truly dramatic piece of news.

Now let your heart rate return to normality after that gripping story and check this out.

Suddenly Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley don't seem so bad,do they?


An American Author?

After having a look at the description of Canada on Wikipedia I can only assume that it was written by an American.Have a look at the first sentence describing Canada.

What's that all aboot,eh?


Shower of Gangsters!

I see former cabinet minister Ray Burke has been jailed for six months(hat-tip to Gerry O'Sullivan) over tax offences.
Commenting on the matter,Tanaiste Mary Harney dscribed Mr Burke's jailing as a 'watershed in Irish life'.

I'm not sure what's more ridiculous,the laughably lenient sentence or the inane comments by Harney.This is not a watershed,it's a cop out!
Six months?Isn't that what they give to people who refuse to pay the bin tax?

Apparently Judge Desmond Hogan imposed two six-month jail terms on the former minister for each offence and he ordered the terms to run concurrently.

Concurrently?!What's the point of that?!That just cancels out each offence!
No wonder there's such disgust felt by Irish people for politicians!They truly are a shower of gangsters and what's more,as this case proves,crime does pay.


Barbados Waves Bye-Bye to Queen!

I'm delighted to hear that the prime-minister of Barbados has announced plans to make the Caribbean island a republic,replacing the British Queen as the official head of state with a locally elected president.
The government will present a draft bill to Parliament to amend the former British colony's constitution in March,said Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

"The moment is coming this year.We will move this country to a higher and mature plane of political development,"said Arthur,who has been leader of Barbados since 1994.

He said Barbados should switch to a republic because it is "secure in its own identity to have one of its own become its supreme head of state".

Well done Mr Arthur and well done Barbados!Hopefully these plans will lead to yet another country freeing itself from the clutches of the royal spongers from Buckingham Palace!
You have to feel bad for the monarchy,though.It's not been a great time for them of late!
Still,hopefully Barbados' decision will spur on other countries to do something similar.
Britain perhaps?!


The Rise of English Nationalism

I am excited at the thought of an English nationalist party emerging which would get mainstream support and potentially cause the Union alot of difficulties.
It would appear to me that the English people do not like the plans by Labour to split England into regions and would much prefer to have an English parliament which looks after English affairs.Clearly the British government fear such proposals.
I think it was John Prescott who said that England did not exist!

Clearly the West Lothian question was raised to great heights when Scottish MPs voted on the English matter of top-up fees.The English started to realise they weren't getting a great deal out of the current system.
Tony Blair and William Hague have in the past warned of the dangers of an increase in nationalism among the English people.

I for one support it!It seems that some Englsih people are willing to take steps to sort out their pretty terrible position.An example would be this site.
Hopefully Englsih nationalism will emerge in the 21st century!


Ireland Should Rejoin the Commonwealth

Alot of you may know that one thing I feel strongly about for improving relations north and south is for the Irish Republic to rejoin the Commonwealth.

I intend to email the Department of Foreign Affairs to see what their position on the matter is.

It is clear that there is much benefit in rejoining and it will be interesting to hear what their response will be.


Joint Authority in NI

Would Joint Authority for Ireland's north be a good or bad thing?Do we have it already?
Who would benefit from it the most?

These are interesting questions and I find the subject of Joint Authority quite fascinating as it seems to be quite taboo for either community to talk about.
As a nationalist I tend to think it would be a bad thing.Why?Because I think nationalists would end up quite content from the arrangement and as a result the desire for Irish reunification would decrease!

Do we have it already?In a way,yes.If one listens to statements on the North by Paul Murphy and Tony Blair,frequently we hear of efforts by the "British and Irish" governments suggesting that the Irish government's role is seen as being one of a partner as opposed to a sidekick.
Perhaps some nationalists would be delighted to attain Joint Authority in an official sense,but I would not.

Who would benefit most from it?The unionists,of course!If nationalists are being ruled in part by Dublin then it will be easy for them to simply discard the notion of Irish unity since,in their eyes,they would have enough influence already from Dublin.
While most unionists would probably detest the idea of Joint Authority,I feel it could safeguard their union with Britain and could conceivably destroy the hopes for a united Ireland in a very quiet and efficient manner.
As for nationalists in the south,knowing that Dublin would have a role in Northern affairs would surely see an increase in apathy over the North.

As I say,I do not like the idea of Joint Authority.It would be interesting to know what the details of the arrangement would be.Presumably the border would stay in place anyway!
However it is not something nationalism should be attracted to in my view.
After 1937 the Irish Free State was a Republic in all but name yet after 1949 it was a Republic officially and what did that achieve?Nothing.It made the prospect of Irish unity much tougher.
In 2005 the Irish Republic has Joint Authority in all but name;let's not make it official or we risk destroying the prospect of Irish unity forever.


Monday Madness-The British Monarchy

I have a strong dislike for the British monarchy.I think they are a bunch of spongers.
If some good can be found in the recent fiasco involving Prince Harry and the Nazi uniform it's that the British public have seen what happens when individuals are given far too much power and luxury.The British public need to do away with this archaic abomination that represents them.

Recently it was revealed that the British are considering proposals for people who reach the age of 18 to swear loyalty to the monarchy!This is farcical.Of course it will never happen in Ireland's north as the British are not stupid but nonetheless it is a bad idea to blur the line between personalities and the state itself.

Other reasons I dislike the monarchy?They have a ban on Catholics getting to the throne proving they are a bunch of royal bigots.
I also object to their continued use of the harp since even the most geographically challenged Brit would be able to tell you that the harp is primarily associated with a part of Ireland that the Brits have no control over.

I also dislike monarchists who use pathetic arguments such as,"We don't want Tony Blair as President" etc. which are designed to convince Brits that they have no one competent enough to be Head of State which is of course rubbish.

British republicanism will be strengthened when Charles gets to the throne as I don't feel he will command respect from Brits the way the Queen does at present.
It will be interesting to see if the Brits in the futuredo the right thing and abolish their monarchy.Go ahead Brits!Turn that crown upside down!

Sunday, January 23, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-23.01.05

Hero: Viktor Yuschenko:He was sworn in as President of Ukraine today after overcoming a rigged election and many legal challenges from his rival Viktor Yanukovych.

After everything the man has been through,his victory certainly is heroic but he faces many challenges in bringing stability and unity to his country.

Villain: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi:In the latest recording purportedly from the leader of Iraq's Al-Qaeda affiliate,he declared a "fierce war" on democracy and called candidates running in the elections "demi-idols" and said those who vote for them "are infidels".

Hopefully this vile individual will be brought to justice soon enough.He is a sorry excuse for a human being.


Hear Hear,Harney!

I'm pleased at the news that Tanaiste Mary Harney has warned Sinn Fein that it must recognise that the IRA murder of Jean McConvile was a crime.
She described comments by Mary Lou McDonald and Mitchel McLaughlin on the issue as 'a serious set back for the peace process'.
Speaking on RTE Radio,Ms Harney added that Sinn Fein must make clear that paramilitarism and criminality is over.

Even more interesting was her comment that Kerry North TD Martin Ferris is on the IRA's army council.

I applaud Ms Harney for standing up to the pseudo-democratic tendencies of Sinn Fein but I am alarmed at her comments on Mr Ferris.If he is suspected of being on the army council of an organisation which is a threat to the Irish Republic,then he must be made answer these serious allegations post-haste!


Sunday Scrutiny-Ian Paisley

I do not like or respect Ian Paisley.This is a man who staged his first protest in 1963,when he organised a demonstration against lowering the British flag to half-staff over Belfast City Hall in mourning after the death of Pope John XXIII.
This is a man who in 1988 interrupted Pope John Paul II as he addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg,France by unfurling a banner which read "Pope John Paul II Anti-Christ" as he roared,"Anti-Christ!I renounce you and all your cults and creeds!"
This is a man who has put the lives of Catholics at risk through his bigotry.
However he is also a man who promised to "smash Sinn Fein" and even though he believes the IRA were behind the Northern Bank raid he refuses to rule out a deal in the future.Why?

Paisley is an egomaniac.It's something he actually has in common with Gerry Adams.Both want their names in the lights and both want to go down in history.
Paisley has built his career on being negative,on being a rejectionist.It was Hume who said that if the word no was removed from the English language,Paisley would be speechless.
Big Ian now wants his last defining moment in politics to be one of triumph.He no longer wants to be the one on the outside but rather the one running the show.
Paisley can hope to be remembered as a great man but it is my belief that history will judge Paisley in the way it will judge Craig-as a narrow-minded bigot.
Here's some great quotes by Big Ian which show his true character:

In reference to the Unionist Party's Jewish candidate,Harold Smith,he said: "The Unionist Party are boasting he[Harold Smith]is a Jew.As a Jew,he rejects our Lord Jesus Christ,the New Testament,Protestant Principles,the Glorious Reformation and the sanctity of the Lord's Day.
The Protestant throne and the Protestant constitution are nothing to him."

After a Loyalist rally in 1968,Ian Paisley justified his violent Catholic pleas by saying, "Catholic homes caught fire because they were loaded with petrol bombs;Catholic churches were attacked and burned because they were arsenals and priests handed out sub-machine guns to parishioners;and the massive discrimination in employment and shortage of houses for Catholics were simply because they bred like "rabbits" and multiply like "vermin".

Nationalists suffer much criticism for voting for Sinn Fein but it is shameful too that unionists have kept this disgraceful bigot at the centre of politics in Ireland's north.
Paisley can desire a great legacy all he wants but I and many others will regard him as nothing more than a man who incited hatred against Catholics and who encouraged young unionists to engage in sectarian murders.


FG and Labour Agree on Voting Deal

I am heartened at the news that Fine Gael and Labour are to agree on a voting deal for the upcoming by-elections.
Each party is to ask voters to give second preferance to the other,in an attempt to defeat Government candidates.

By-elections are set to take place in Kildare North and Meath,as Charlie McCreevy and John Bruton have taken up EU positions.

The agreement between the two opposition parties is considered to be a test run for a similar deal in the next general elections.

I fuly back these plans by Fine Gael and Labour.It is nice to see them getting their act together and it seems the recent opinion polls showing satisfaction with the Governemnt have given the two parties a timely kick up the backside!
It is clearly time for a change in Government and it's time the FF/PD gangsters were removed!

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-22.01.05

Hero: Eoin Ryan:The Fianna Fail MEP said today that EU governments should put more pressure on the European Investment Bank(EIB) to support projects in The Third World.
Currently,the bank lends €3bn per year,or approximately 7% of its budget,to developing countries but Mr Ryan said that this must be increased to help countries empower themselves.

"What I'm calling for,"he said,"is a mandate in which they can increase the level of investment into Third World Countries.We also need to develop businesses in these countries."

Well said Mr Ryan.Keep pushing those bureaucrats until you get results!

Villain:Ron Atkinson:Oh dear!Big Ron's gone and made another big blunder!
Having been forced to resign as a football analyst with ITV last April over racist comments dircected at Chelsea's Marcel Desailly,you'd think he'd learn his lesson,but no.
Atkinson has sparked outrage over comments he made about Chinese women at a fund-raising event at Sheffield Wednesday.He told the audience:

"The Chinese have the best contraception in the world-but I can't understand why there's so many of them because their women are so ugly."

Atkinson defended himself in the Sheffield Star saying: "I cannot believe anyone has complained about anything I said.I went there to help them out and to raise money.I stayed for ages and did photographs.I can't believe this-I just can't believe this."

"I can't say anything now.I've been ultra-careful about everything.It was an easy evening and everyone enjoyed themselves."

Ron,you have messed up.I quite liked Ron Atkinson when he was on ITV but it seems that he has yet to fully appreciate what comments are appropriate and what are not.His managerial tactics were often criticised.It seems to me he's lacking in tact as well as tactics!


God Old Unionism!

I see that the DUP are set to run in South Belfast when the sitting UUP MP Martin Smyth resigns despite calls from the UUP,who are expected to put up the pro-Agreement Michael McGimpsey as their candidate,for a vote pact to prevent Sinn Fein gaining the seat.

DUP leader Ian Paisley has rejected the call saying that: "It is the principles of the election that are important,not the personalities,and if the principle is that a person goes down the road that Mr McGimpsey has in foreswearing traditional Unionism,then the people are demanding that the Democratic Unionist candidate runs in the neighbourhood."

Good old Unionism!It is nice to note the continued failure of unionism to get past its present difficulties.
Hopefully now the seat will go to a nationalist!


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Brendan Smith:I commend the Fianna Fail TD for Cavan-Monaghan for attacking the comments made by Mithcel McLaughlin on RTE's Questions and Answers and for calling on McLaughlin to retract his remarks.

I wish there were more people in Fianna Fail like Mr Smith.Perhaps then I could understand the popularity Fiaana Fail are enjoying with the Irish electorate according to the latest opinion polls.

Villains of the Week: UDA:They must be condemned for demanding £70m(€101.1m) from the British government in return for an agreement to abandon all paramilitary activity.

This outrageous demand is an insult to the families who have lost loved ones to this organisation.

Funniest Moment of the Week: Mickey Rooney Commerical: I must say I find it hilarious that a cold remedy commercial starring Mickey Rooney,which featured the 84 year-old dropping his towel in a sauna and exposing his backside,has been axed from next month's Super Bowl coverage over fears it will offend viewers in the way Janet Jackson's performance did last year.

Why are there so many sissies in America?

Dunce of the Week: Mitchel McLaughlin:He appeared on RTE's Questions and Answers on RTE on Monday evening and after being questioned by Michael McDowell he stated that the killing of Jean McConville was not a crime and he agreed with McDowell that he felt this way since the IRA "was the only legitimate government of Ireland".

These comments earned him much condemnation yet unfortunately Mitchel has yet to apologise for being so stupid and disrespectful.

Celebrity of the Week: James Woods:The actor has a new outlook on life after discovering he was 10 days from death in 2004.

The actor,57,was told by many doctors his chest pains were nothing to worry about,but deep down he knew something was wrong so he took his mother's advice and visited his mother's cardiologist: "So I went in...and three hours later,when I woke up,he said,'Well you had about 10 days to live...and now you're fine'.In the old days you would've just died,and now,with the modern technology they have,it's like, 'You're gonna be fine and live forever."

I'm glad he's alright as Mr Woods is an actor I have much admiration for.

Quote of the Week: Well it has to be Mitchel McLaughlin and his claim that the IRA "was the only legitimate government of Ireland".An insult to the Republic of Ireland in my opinion but apparently not according to the Taoiseach!

United Irelander's Busiest Day of the Week: Wednesday-over 200 visits.


Who are you and what have you done with the real Paisley?!

It seems to me that the Rev Ian Paisley isn't as tough talking as he once was.Here's what he had to say on the prospect of a fresh attempt to broker a power-sharing agreement with Sinn Fein:

"There's no chance of a deal until the IRA are brought to heel and made amenable to the law.Seeing is believeing that they are going,all criminality must cease,and the people of Northern Ireland must be convinced that they have ceased.

"That will take more than one month to convince us.I would say it will take many months."

So he is not ruling out the prospect of a power-sharing agreement.Has Paisley mellowed with old age?No,rather he is just like every other politician-he craves power.

There's a great quote by Stanislaw Lec which I think sums up Paisley's carrer pretty well:

"When smashing monuments,save the pedestals-they always come in handy."

Friday, January 21, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-21.01.05

Hero: Bertie Ahern:Well he is the most popular leader in the country right now according to the latest polls and as much as I dislike that fact,I will give the man his props.

Villain: Neil Horan:The man who ruined the Olympic marathon in Athens last year has been offically defrocked by the Vatican though he has vowed to ignore the decision.

Well done on the Vatican.This man doesn't belong in the priesthood after his disgraceful actions in recent years.


Friday Fun's Fictionary Fight

OK,it seems Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger are about to bury their feud amid calls from the football authorities.

However who would win in a fight between the two?

My money would be on Alex without a doubt.That's one Scot you don't want to mess with as Mr Beckham discovered when he got a boot to the head!


Fun Irelander Feature-Follow-up

On January 7th I posted about finding some plastic in some fish I was eating.

Just to let you know I received some vouchers from the company and an apology.

However I can't help but feel if this occurred in America I would be suing this company for every cent they've got on the grounds of emotional trauma!


Friday Fun-News in Brief

The Irish priest who disrupted the Olympic marathon last year has vowed to ignore the Vatican's decision to remove him from the priesthood.
"I told them I was refusing to accept their decree and,as far as I'm concerned,nothing has changed.I'm still a Catholic priest in the eyes of Jesus Christ," said Neil Horan.

I don't know about that.I do know that in the eyes of most people you're an idiot.

A cold remedy commerical featuring Mickey Rooney,which features the 84 year-old dropping his towel in a sauna and revealing his backside,has been axed from next month's Super Bowl coverage over fears it will offend viewers.

Note to Americans-Fighting in wars doesn't make you tough if you are afraid of an old man's rear end.You Yanks have lost your way!What would John Wayne say?

It was revealed on Tuesday that former Busted singer James Bourne had been dumped by his girlfriend-24 hours after the boyband split up.
His girlfriend,actress Kara Tointon,reportedly dumped him over the phone because he is no longer in the band and therefore no longer able to offer her the limelight she craves.

Well,at least you didn't marry her James!


Friday Fun's Fascinating Fact

The male praying mantis cannot have sex until the female praying mantis rips his head off.

Well you could excuse the male praying mantis for wanting to lower his libido...


Too much?

A 50 year-old man was rushed to hospital after castrating himself and told police he did so to lower his libido.
The man called police in Reno,Nevada,asking for help because he could not stop the bleeding from a self-castration operation which he learned on the internet.

"He obviously needs some sort of counselling," said the Police.

You think?!


Poll Reveals Most Irish People are Idiots

Latest polls have indicated that support for the Government is at its highest since the general election in 2002.
The Irish Times/TNS mrbi poll showed that satisfaction with the Government had risen by nine points by to 52% since the last poll which was done in October.
Here's a breakdown of the results:

Fianna Fail (38%-up 3 points)
Progressive Democrats (4%-up 1 point)
Fine Gael (22%-down 2 points)
Labour (13%-unchanged)
Green Party (4%-unchanged)
Sinn Fein (11%-down 1 point)

Here's a breakdown of the ratings for party leaders:

Bertie Ahern (60%-up 7 points)
Mary Harney (54%-unchanged)
Enda Kenny (44%-down 2 points)
Pat Rabbitte (49%-unchanged)
Trevor Sargeant(33%-down 2 points)

What does this tell you?It tells me that a significant portion of Irish people are morons.
How on earth can the sleazy,morally corrupt cronies that are in power currently be given yet another term?
Not only that but Sinn Fein are continuing to look strong.Mary Harney made some interesting comments on Sinn Fein today: "It would seem perhaps that some of the support for Sinn Fein is so solid that it is not affected by many of these issues,which is quite remarkable."

Indeed it is remarkable but what is most remarkable is that Ahern continues to be popular.Why?It wasn't that long ago that he was booed at an Irish football match at Lansdowne Road.I feel it is time for a change.The current crowd are clearly past their sell-by date.
Hopefully the idiocy on display here won't be repeated at the next election.Winston Churchill put it nicely when he said that,"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."Apparently so,Winston!Apparently so!

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-20.01.05

Hero: George W.Bush:Today he was sworn in for a second term as US President,and has vowed to support those who work to overthrow tyranny around the world.

I don't like Mr Bush and I wanted the other guy to win,what was his name?Jim something?Oh,John Kerry,yes that was it!
Still,fair play to him and he deserves his praise.He actually got the most votes this time!

Villains: UDA:They are demanding £70m(€101.1m) from the British government in return for an agreement to abandon all paramilitary activity.

It is incredible that they would seek this from the British government.It is an insult to the people of this island and particularly to the families who have lost loved ones to this paramilitary group.


Milestone Reached

Well I've just passed the 1,000 mark for visitors to the blog according to my Site Meter stats.
However since Site Meter was installed at the start of this month,and since the blog was started over a month ago,it was probably already reached but it's nice that it's official now at least.

Thank you to the people who have been visiting United Irelander and I'd like to think there have been plenty of provocative debates so far;)

A month in and I am pleased with how the blog has developed but I will still try to improve as much as possible.

Once more,many thanks!


Orde Will Quit if Wrong

Hugh Orde will quit as Chief Constable if his assessment of IRA involvement in the Northern Bank robbery turns out to be wrong,it has been revealed tonight.

In a briefing to the authority holding him to account,Orde admitted the huge stakes involved in the hunt for the gang behind the robbery in Belfast.

A Policing Board source said: "He went so far as to say if he got this one wrong his position would be untenable."

I wonder if Orde would really mind if he was no longer the Chief Constable?It seems to me like it's a pretty thankless job.He'd probably be delighted to get the hell out of there.


Thursday Thoughts:Independent NI?

Yesterday on A Tangled Web there was an article about Paul Fitzsimmons,a long time advocate of a negotiated Independent Northern Ireland as a permanent solution to the problems in the North,who has apparently decided to give up on the idea.
I must say that I completely oppose plans for an independent NI and feel the concept is ridiculous.I'll explain why.

I feel that those who advocate an independent NI(unionists in other words) are merely proving their failure to acknowledge or understand the purpose behind Irish nationalism.We're told an independent NI would be good for nationalists as they will no longer be ruled by the British.Big deal!There is more to nationalism than a desire to be free of British rule.It is also the desire for Irish people in the North to be able to exist in a state with their fellow Irish people in the south.

Those who advocate an independent NI are advocating a new nation.An 'Ulster nation' if you will.The trouble is,Irish nationalists are already a part of a nation-The Irish nation and it is this nation that inspires them into wanting an Irish nation-state.
I have already stated I do not believe in 'Northern Irishness' and I feel that these calls for an independent NI are based on efforts by people to make a reality out of the myth that is 'Northern Irishness'.

I'd like to know why unionists who advocate an independent NI won't instead advocate an independent Ireland.
If they are willing to sever ties with Westminster and to share a state with northern nationalists why won't they sever ties with Westminster and share a state with nationalists across the island?
I recently made a post in which I questioned whether at the heart of unionism there is just simply anti-Irishness.Aren't the people who are advocating an independent NI proving that this is actually the case?

I would say to those unionists contemplating severing ties with the British mainland and sharing a state with nationalists,by all means go ahead with your plans-Just make sure they're on a 32 county basis.


What Would the Queen Say?!

I had to laugh today at reports that the UDA are demanding £70m(€101.1m) from the British government in return for an agreement to abandon all paramilitary and criminal activity.

The demand was apparently made during talks between the loyalist group and British government officials aimed at securing an end to all criminal activity.
A British official confirmed that the two sides were discussing a programme of measures in return for an end to UDA activity,but said no deal had yet been agreed.

Reports said the UDA were seeking the money over a five-year period "to train its members in skills which equip them for a new life", and to help loyalist communities.

Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous?What "skills" would this money bring I wonder?Could it be the skill of gambling with the dosh in Vegas to their heart's content?
I only hope the British do not give in to this outrageous demand because if they did it would be a slap in the face to every family which has lost a loved one to this loyalist organisation.


For the Glory of Ireland?

It seems that dissident republican scum will do anything to attain a united Ireland-even attacking the Republic of Ireland.

Gardai are linking the discovery of a live pipe bomb underneath a van in north Dublin to dissident republicans.
Two men were arrested in connection with the find,which forced the evacuation of several homes on Belcamp Crescent in Clonshaugh.

The device was spotted at around 1am and residents were only allowed to return to their homes around three hours later,when bomb disposals experts made the area safe.

Gardai said today that the two men being held in connection with the incident were also being questioned about Continuity IRA activity.

What does this mean?Have the Continuity IRA deemed it acceptable to target the Irish Republic?I wouldn't be surprised if the hatred these scumbags feel for the "Free State" has led to them finding it necessary to target the state even if it means hurting citizens they're supposed to be fighting for.
The Continuity IRA are an insult to the great Irish Republicans of the past.Shame on them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-19.01.05

Hero: Brendan Smith:The Fianna Fail TD for Cavan-Monaghan is to be commended for his attack on the comments made by Mitchel McLaughlin on RTE on Monday and for calling on Mr McLaughlin to retract his remarks.

I'm pleased to see that not everyone in Fianna Fail will turn a blind eye to Sinn Fein's disgraceful attittude to the people of this island.Well done Mr Smith.

Villain: Gerry Adams:Apparently Mr Adams is seeking an explanation from the Taoiseach for his comments earlier this month when he said that he believed the "political leadership" of the republican movement knew about the Northern Bank robbery.
What was even more incredible was Mr Adams saying Mr Ahern's comments had damaged Sinn Fein's relationship with the Government!

In my view the Irish Government should be seeking an explanation from Mr Adams about the comments from his party's chairman on Monday which raises serious questions about the attitude Sinn Fein has for the Agreement and indeed the Republic itself.
It's hard to believe that Mitchel McLaughlin's comments haven't damaged the Government's relationship with Sinn Fein!


'What If'?Wednesday-No Orange Order

Some of you may know that I have been struggling to come up with a feature on United Irelander for Wednesdays.
'What If'?Wednesday was the original feature but I scrapped it as I didn't feel it had any long-term value however after giving it some thought I feel if I modify it slightly to use it to discuss hypothetical situations for the present and future rather than the past,it could work effectively.

This week I ask you how life in the North would be if there was no Orange Order.
Let's face facts-the Orange Order is built on hate.It thrives on the nasty side of unionism which is of course anti-catholicism and anti-Irishness.Can we really expect Ireland's north to be a society which preaches tolerance and understanding when there exists an organisation which glorifies anti-Catholicism and anti-Irishness and feels it justifiable to exclude one half of the community?I don't think so.

I blame the Orange Order for the tensions which arise in Ireland's north every summer.
If there was no Orange Order,summer would be a time for calm and relaxation rather than a time for the flare-ups that so often occur.
If there was no Orange Order,Catholics and Protestants would have a far healthier relationship,there is no doubt about that.
If there was no Orange Order,racism would not be as rife as it is within the loyalist community and furthermore loyalist paramilitaries would not be as significant as they are.

What does all this tell you?That there should be no Orange Order!


Hold On...

I'm not a big fan of Ian Paisley Junior.Today he gave his views on the statement last night by the IRA in which they denied involvement in the Northern Bank raid.
Paisley Jnr said today he did not believe the IRA denial.

"Just because the IRA denies something,I don't believe that that means that their denials should be believed,"he said.

"I believe that they really are telling lies...It's up to the IRA now to prove that they didn't do it."

Hold on,I'm no defender of the Provos,but since when is it up to suspects to prove that they are not guilty?It is up to Hugh Orde and the PSNI to show evidence proving that the IRA did it!

Do the DUP not believe in the old adage of 'innocent until proven guilty'?


Tuesday Thanks...

A big thank you to those who visited United Irelander yesterday as my Site Meter stats have informed me that yesterday saw the largest ever traffic to the blog.
Apparently there were over 200 visits to the blog which is well ahead of any other day so far.
Furthermore the blog is not far off from getting its 1,000th visitor.

Blogging will be light from me today so once again,many thanks!


United Irish Flag...

Yesterday,I gave my top ten list of flags and put the Irish tricolour as number 1 however,as much as I love my country's flag,I am realistic and I know that in the event of discussions for a united Ireland that unionists would not tolerate the tricolour as the flag of the state.
I find this disappointing as I can't think of a more apt flag but I understand their opposition to it due to its association with republicanism.
So,I ask you,what flag would be an acceptable one for a united Ireland?

Personally,I would advocate the return of the old flag with the harp on the green background but perhaps a new flag could be created?If so,what would it look like?
Feel free to give your own opinions.


McLaughlin Rejects Resignation Calls

It seems my post on Monday evening about Mitchel McLaughlin's comments on RTE's Questions and Answers was somewhat of an exclusive and it was clear to me as I heard McLaughlin's astonishing claims that there would be political fallout from them.
McLaughlin had stated that the killing of Mrs McConville was not a crime and agreed with Mr McDowell that the IRA was "the only legitimate government of Ireland".

Today,I have learned on the BBC that McLaughlin is facing calls from Fianna Fail TD for Cavan-Monaghan,Brendan Smith,to retract his remarks while the McConville family has called on McLaughlin to apologise or resign.

"Of course I won't resign,I'm entitled to my view in this respect,"said McLaughlin.

"I didn't introduce the topic into discussion,

"I was pressing the minister for justice on the lack of action on outstanding issues such as collusion,criminality at the heart of the British Government as far as republicans are concerned and I think,on the ropes,the minister threw in Jean McConville."

Anyone who watched the programme will find McLaughlin's comments that McDowell was on the ropes to be laughable!

Mr.Smith,co-chair of the British-Irish Parliamentary Body described Mr McLaughlin's comments as "appalling" and said they had led people to query the Sinn Fein chairman's "commitment to the Good Friday Agreement."

"We have a mandate-as politicians on this island-to implement the Good Friday Agreement.

"Here we have comments from a senior figure in a political organisation and it is obvious that he is not committed to making an effort to implement the will of the Irish people,"Smith added.

I feel Mr Smith is absolutely right and McLaughlin's comments do pose serious questions on the commitment Sinn Fein have for the GFA and indeed the opinions of the citizens of the Irish Republic.I also agree that McLaughlin should retract his remarks which as Mr Smith quite rightly says were "appalling".
I find it very refreshing to hear members of Fianna Fail now speaking out against the disgraceful attitude Sinn Fein have towards both traditions on this island.
If only the leader of Fianna Fail would do the same...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-18.01.05

Heroes: European Commission:The European Commission has today announced that a sci-fi radar which can detect imminent car crashes-and apply your brakes-should be available within six months.
Experts say the system has the potential to halve the numbers of road accident casualties in Europe by 2010.

I am very impressed by these plans as road accidents are a constant menace.See,I'm not completely against the EU!

Villain: Rusch:The medical equipment firm,which is based in Lurgan,Co Armagh announced today it was to close with the loss of 270 jobs-and the workers from the factory have been told to train the people taking their jobs.
The jobs are being transferred to factories in Mexico and Malaysia in a bid to cut costs.

"The company wants employees facing redundancy to train people who are taking their jobs off them," said Michael Mulholland,regional organiser of the GMB union.

"As you can expect,they are taking this very badly.They feel they have been let down.A lot of people have been working here for the past 20 years,"he added.

I'm sure they are taking it very badly.How disgraceful.


A Head of State You Can Be Proud of...

It's been reported that President McAleese is planning to attend a ceremony at Auschwitz in Poland later this month to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the dreaded Nazi concentration camp.

McAleese is set to join other global dignataries and heads of state for the ceremony on January 27.

We Irish should consider ourselves lucky that unlike our nearest neighbours,we have a Head of State that is respectful and dignified and who expresses no support for evil Nazis!
Contrast our situation with the Brits who have to put up with a 20 year old who we're told is only a "young man" and is entitled to make mistakes!

Did Harry's "apology" help matters?No!Or perhaps I should say nein...


Celebrate 100 Years by Undoing Betrayals-Dr Coulter

There's a good article in The Blanket by Dr John Coulter who maintains that the centenaries of the formation of both the Ulster Unionist Council and Sinn Fein provide opportunities for unionists and nationalists to undo two of the greatest political betrayals of the 20th century.

In relation to unionism,Coulter argues the DUP and UUP could work "towards the creation of a single Unionist Party,as well as officially opening a Unionist Embassy in Leinster House" to represent Southern Protestants.

In relation to nationalism,Coulter argues that "Sinn Fein must not commemorate its centenary by heaping further insults on its founder.It must again become a party of respectable separatists,not a movement for physical force,diehard republicans and closet communists."

A good article and worth a read.I particularly liked Coulter's comment regarding the various parties who are claiming they descend from Griffith's Sinn Fein of 1905,that "the sad reality is that had he been alive today,he would probably have disowned the lot."


Top Ten Tuesday-Flags

OK,there are some very nice looking flags around and a couple of stinkers.Right now I'm going to name what I believe to be the ten nicest flags.I have had a quick browse through my pocket atlas so here's the countries which I believe have the nicest flags!Without further ado:

6. Wales

There you have it;the top ten flags.I will of course deny that the top choice was a biased decision.It is simply a beautiful flag.Green,white and orange just fit together so well!
Special mention must go to the flag of Kiribati which I feel is excellent.
Feel free to offer your own opinions.

Monday, January 17, 2005


McConville Murder Not a Crime-McLaughlin

As I write this I have just listened to Mitchel McLaughlin on RTE's Questions and Answers say that the murder of Jean McConville was not a crime because it was carried out by the IRA.

I find this to be a shocking statement and feel it shows that the nationalism espoused by Sinn Fein is dangerous and revolves around extreme ideology.

Nationalists should not be supporting this party.


Hero/Villain of the Day-17.01.05

Heroes: Irish Public:Latest figures indicate that almost €48m has been raised by the Irish public for the victims of the Asian tsunami disaster.

I'm proud that my compatriots have raised such a fine amount of money and it is important that Irish people keep giving as much as possible.

Villain: Michael McDowell:Mr McDowell there is no need for ID cards in this country!


ID Cards?No Way!

Justice Minister Michael McDowell is reportedly considering introducing a compulsory national identity card scheme in conjunction with similar moves in Britain.
Apparently Mr McDowell is considering the scheme because the introduction of ID cards in Britain would have implications for Ireland due to the border and the fact that a passport is not needed for travelling.
A consultation process is to be established shortly to allow interested groups and individuals to express their views on the matter.

Here's my view on the matter:ID cards are wrong.They are an insult to the freedom of the individual!
Just because the Brits do something doesn't mean we automatically have to follow suit!
Dearthair mor can back off,I say!


Monday Madness-Northern Ireland Football Team

I do not support the NI football team.I cannot stand the team.I feel that it is the duty of Irish nationalists to boycott the team and support Ireland instead.The NI team is for unionists only regardless of what the IFA says and it is time all nationalists realised that.

Look at what happened to poor Neil Lennon.Hounded out of the team for being a Catholic and for playing for Celtic.Pathetic.Unfortunately what happened to Neil Lennon was not an isolated incident.It has happened to other nationalist players including the great Pat Jennings who would suffer horrible anti-Catholic chants as he headed for the goal at the start of matches.

Other reasons I dislike the NI team?The anthem.
How can it be claimed that the IFA are reaching out to the nationalist community when the anthem used is one that the nationalist community completely opposes?For the rugby games we Irish in the south replaced Amhran na bhFiann with the dreadful 'Ireland's Call' to satisfy unionists but it seems similar gestures can't be done by unionists to nationalists for football.
I also oppose the name of the stadium.Windsor Park?What a laugh!Why don't they go ahead and name one of the stands after Oliver Cromwell?!
The fact is the NI team should rename itself England Junior as that is what it is trying to be.
If a nationalist brought an Irish tricolour to Windsor Park,his/her life would be in danger!

It is time to have a United Ireland football team.According to the latest FIFA world rankings,NI is ranked below such football heavyweights as Panama,Botswana and Lebanon!
A United Ireland team would at least give the people in the North some victories to celebrate.
It is time to unify the two teams for the sake of football supporters across the island and also for the fact that it will remove the difficult decision I face as to which team to support in the upcoming World Cup qualifier between England and NI!
I mean,aside from the vast gulf in quality between the two teams,they're both pretty much the same team!


Is Unionism Glorified anti-Irishness?

Before anyone bites my head off I'd first like to say that I respect the position of unionism and the right for people born in Ireland to class themselves as British if they want to,however I can't help but feel that serious questions about unionism will emerge in the 21st century.
Questions that will affect the very heart of unionism and the unionist identity.
The removal of the IRA,the deterioration of Sinn Fein's significance;these events would leave unionism with serious questions to answer.

As I have said before,I feel that if nationalism gets its act together and pushes the case for Irish unity effectively,a split will occur in unionism creating a more radical strand of unionism that I like to call divisionism.

Let's not forget that in the past,unionist xenophobia and bigotry was so great that unionists in the 6 counties sold out their fellow unionists in the 26 counties.
Let's not forget that many unionists subscribe to the xenophobia and bigotry of the nasty cult known as the Orange Order.
And let us not forget that the hostility of unionism has been shown in their opposition to the Anglo-Irish Agreement and to the Good Friday Agreement.

Many unionists can't shake off their feelings of superiority over the nationalist community.
If a United Ireland can offer unionists a good deal and safeguard their Britishness,will they turn it down due to their historic hatred of Ireland's south?
Will unionism be revealed to be nothing more than glorified anti-Irishness?

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-16.01.05

Hero: Henry Palaszczuck:He has declared that he is to renounce his allegiance to the Queen after seeing a photograph depicting Prince Harry's exploits.

Well done to you Mr Palaszczuck!

Villain:Martin McGuinness:He again denied that the IRA were involved in the Northern Bank raid today and said it was not in the interests of the IRA to have carried it out.
Doing so would've been a risky operation,which would've undermined the republican contribution to what he called the "vitally important peace process".

Come on Martin!It was in the interests of the IRA to carry out one final big operation.The trouble is it was probably bigger than you all imagined.


Sunday Scrutiny-Prince Harry

This week I will take a look at the Royal rebel himself.Harry has embroiled his family into a huge amount of controversy this past week after dressing up as a Nazi for a fancy dress party.
Some people feel he has been harshly criticised,but has he?

In my opinion he deserves the criticism.I have read numerous people saying,"he's only young","he's a young man" etc.The guy is 20 years old!This isn't some wayward 14 year old it is a man old enough to drink and to vote and who is legally regarded as a man.
Someone who is 20 should know full well about the horrors of Nazism and his choice of costume was more than just "poor" it was positively idiotic and distasteful!

Another reason he deserves his criticism is because of his public role.The position he holds gives him enormous advantages over "normal" people.He has wealth and luxury that most of us can only dream about.Therefore,he must take the good with the bad.
He must learn to refrain from acting a clown the way it could be argued most "normal" young people do.If Wayne Rooney had been caught wearing a Nazi costume the Press would've been just as harsh,there's no doubt about that.
Also,as someone pointed out in a letter I read,with all the aides and advisors he has,couldn't somebody have told him it was a bad costume to wear?!

I think the main reason he deserves the criticism he's getting is because of his laughable and lame "apology" which was hardly sincere and which leaves him in a bad light.
If he came out in a press conference and admitted in a heartfelt way that wahat he did was wrong,people would've appreciated it because it takes a man to apologise.
His pathetic response through Clarence House just makes him look even more ignorant and uncaring.

He has courted controversy in the past with his fondness for unhealthy substances and his desire to swing his fists at photographers,so he is not shy of the spotlight.
It is such a shame that the British taxpayers cotinue to fund these bunch of spongers.
When will they learn that a republic is the way to go?!



It's often said that giving birth is a miracle.I don't know if the same can be said in this case.

A 67 year-old Romanian woman gave birth today to a baby girl,hospital officials said.The child's twin sister was stillborn.
Adriana Iliescu,who was artificially inseminated,is now the world's oldest recorded mother.

Iliescu's daughter-who has not yet been named-was delivered by Caesarian section early today,more than six weeks short of a full 40-week pregnancy term,said a hospital spokeswoman.
She weighed just 1.45 kilograms(3.19 Ibs),less than half the weight of an average newborn,and was in the intensive care unit but breathing on her own,the spokeswoman said.

"The mother is doing well-she is saying she has been given a new lease of life,"the spokeswoman said,reading from a statement.

Doctors performed the emergency Caesarian section after the smaller of Iliescu's twins died in the womb,said the spokesowman.That child weighed just 700 grams(1.54 Ibs).

Iliescu underwent fertility treatment for nine years,including procedures to reverse the effects of menopause,before being artificially inseminated,the head doctor at the hospital,Bogdan Marinescu,was quoted as saying.

While everyone is entitled to want a family,can this be condoned?Do the ethical factors override the personal ones?


Australian MP Renounces Allegiance

An Australian politician whose father was held in a German labour camp during World War 2 says he plans to renounce his allegiance to the Queen after seeing a photo of Prince Harry wearing a Nazi swastika.
Henry Palaszczuck said he had previously held the Royals in high regard but was troubled at seeing Harry wearing the swastika at a fancy dress party.

"My father suffered enormously at the hands of the Nazis and the stories he told me were horrific,"said Palaszczuck."So to see that image was very upsetting."
Palaszczuck confirmed he would seek to withdraw his allegiance to the Queen-which is part of the oath of office for Australian MPs-at the start of parliamentary proceedings tomorrow.
He also added that he didn't think the Prince's apology went far enough.

"I don't think that counts as a real apology,"he said.

"It wasn't an apology from the heart.It was just the royal doctors going into damage control."

Well said Mr Palaszczuck!It's nice to see that some monarchists are coming to the conclusion that the very idea of monarchy is a farce and that giving people such enormous power and standing can be very damaging.Hopefully more people will follow suit!


IRA Planned to Disband?

It's been reported that the IRA had told its members it was on the verge of disbandment just weeks before the Northern Bank raid in Belfast.
Apparently senior figures had held meetings in the Republic to tell members that the whole movement was to be dismantled,two weeks before talks on power sharing broke down.
Some sources have indicated that the IRA did not expect to get as much money as they did.

Would it be too far-fetched to imagine that perhaps certain figures in the IRA,unhappy with plans to disband,pushed for this robbery knowing full well it would damage Sinn Fein?
Personally,I find it hard to believe the IRA was going to disband as such an event would be better served further down the road to secure Gerry Adams some Brownie points(no pun intended).
IRA disbandment doesn't look likely in the near future,anyway.

Saturday, January 15, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-15.01.05

Hero: Eddie McGrady:Finally someone from the SDLP sticking it to Sinn Fein!
Well done Mr McGrady.The IRA are holding back the peace process!

Villain:Catriona Ruane:Ms Ruane needs to realise that there can be no excuses for remaining linked to a paramilitary organisation.None.


Just Say Sorry!

I see that Gordon Brown,while speaking during a week-long tour of Africa,stated there would be 'no UK apology' from Britain for its colonial past.

Mr Brown said it was time to talk about enduring British values of liberty and tolerance.

South African president Thabo Mbeki has attacked British imperialists,saying they treated Africans like savages.

Mr Mbeki is right.The British should apologise for their colonial past.However the first country they should offer a full and frank apology to is Ireland!


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Nick Waters:I highlighted this 14 year-old boy's story on Tuesday,who cannot talk and who has no arms,and when asked by his church what he wanted for Christmas replied by typing with his feet:Lots of Christmas cards.Ten thousand of them.

He ended up getting over 130,000 cards from all over the world.

Villain of the Week: Prince Harry:What a fool this guy is!He chose to dress up as a Nazi complete with swastika armband for a fancy-dress party and embroiled his family into a scandal that they certainly could've done without,especially with the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz taking place soon.
Someone needs to remind this 20- year-old royal that Nazism and events like the Holocaust are no laughing matter!

Funniest Moment of the Week: Tabloid Photographs:You had to chuckle at the pictures in the tabloids showing Harry decked out in his attire commemorating the Nazi scum.
He looked quite drunk in the photographs.One thing is for sure-when he awoke the next day he certainly would've had a sore head!

Dunce of the Week:Prince Harry:Well,he has to get this award as well,doesn't he?!Actually,dressing up as a dunce might be a safer option next time Harry!

Celebrity of the Week:Charlie Simpson:The singer from Boyband Busted decided to quit the band to devote his energies to his new rock group,Fightstar.
Well done Charlie!Busted are finished!I never knew why they were so popular anyway!

Quote of the Week: "I am very sorry if I caused any offence or embarrassment to anyone.It was a poor choice of costume and I apologise"- Prince Harry.Not good enough Harry!Give everyone a public apology!


Sinn Fein Start Campaigning

Well,it's that time again!As elections are around the corner,it seems Sinn Fein have already begun to set their stall out.I read on Slugger O'Toole that Gerry Adams has hit out at southern parties and called for a Green Paper on Irish unity which is top of the party's ten-point plan for Irish unity.The plan can be viewed here and includes the following points:

I must admit that I do not object to any of these proposals and indeed if you read my post on what an Irish government should do to pave the way for Irish unity,you will see that many of my proposals are the same as Sinn Fein's proposals.Incidentally my post on what I would advocate can be viewed here.What I propose though,which Sinn Fein do not,is for:

While Sinn Fein have some good ideas they only cater towards the nationalist community but one shouldn't be too surprised at this since Sinn Fein are blinded by their own ideology and are strangled by their own history.While Sinn Fein have some good ideas,ultimately they have no desire to reach out to those of a unionist tradition which is what is needed if unity is to occur.Sinn Fein's proposals amount to nothing more than making northern nationalists feel more Irish.That's all well and good-but it doesn't remove the border...


Move on Without Sinn Fein-McGrady

Nationalists in the North were at each other's throats today after the SDLP's Eddie McGrady suggested devolved government could be restored without Sinn Fein involvement.

"The democratic process must not be held to account by the decisions of the IRA Army Council,"said McGrady.

However Sinn Fein's Catriona Ruane,who is contesting Mr McGrady's seat in the next Westminster election,accused Mr McGrady of being prepared to abandon the politics of inclusivity esposed by former SDLP leader John Hume.
"Many nationalists will be horrified that Mr McGrady is prepared to contemplate the politics of discrimination and exclusion,"said Ms Ruane.

But Mr McGrady hit back:"I totally subscribe to the principle of inclusivity but we have a situation whereby people do not want to conform to requirements of democracy."

"If people want to stay out of something because they don't want to accept the rules of the game then that's their decision,"added McGrady.
McGrady went on to say that if Sinn Fein broke off from the IRA it would change the political landscape.

"They don't seem prepared to do that.They talk about their political mandate but people didn't mandate them to encourage or protect the criminal activities carried out by the IRA,"he said.

Well I for one applaud Mr McGrady.Contrary to the rubbish spewed out by Catriona Ruane,the only group Mr McGrady is suggesting should be excluded is the Provisional IRA.
I just wish the leader of the SDLP could be as hard-hitting and straight-talking as Mr McGrady.
Maybe McGrady is someone the SDLP should think about as a future leader?
I also hope that nationalists in the North do not choose to vote for Ms Ruane over Mr McGrady as Ruane,unlike McGrady,hasn't got a clue about what is best for nationalism!

Friday, January 14, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-14.01.05

Hero: Patrick Collinson:This fourth-year pupil from Limerick tonight won the ESAT BT Young Scientist of the Year.He was presented with his award by President Mary McAleese.
He received a cheque for €3,000,a Waterford Crystal trophy and the chance to represent Ireland at the EU Contest for Young Scientists in Moscow in September.(Why is an EU contest being held in Moscow?)

Patrick's winning project was a new programming language,CROMA,which is an enhancement of LISP,originally developed fifty years ago.

Well done to the young man.I myself was never great at science in school so I'm very impressed with his efforts!

Villain: Charles Graner:The US reservist,who was alleged to be the ringleader of the prison guards who abused Iraqi prisoners at Abu Gharib,was convicted tonight of abusing Iraqi detainees.

The jury at Ford Hood,Texas took less than five hours to reach its verdict and Graner is now facing up to 17 and a half years behind bars.

The events at Abu Gharib shocked the world and it is good to see that American justice has prevailed in the end.Hopefully this will send a message to the world,and particularly Iraqis,that the real America was not the one represented in those sickening photographs at Abu Gharib prison.


Friday Fun-News in Brief

This week it was revealed that Britney Spear's mental powers were so powerful that she managed to leave an American street healer's fingers frozen stiff after he massaged her head.
Spears is said to be fascinated with phrenology and so went to visit Allan Wicombe,an expert in the field,to have her cerebral energy assessed.
"Her mental powers were extaordinary.My fingers froze and were paralysed for hours after she left.That rarely happens," said Wicombe.

Um,are you sure it wasn't just pins and needles?!

This week Nicole Kidman revealed she often wishes she were a lesbian,because she's convinced life would be more simple if she found women attractive.

I know how she feels.I wish she was a lesbian too!


Fun Irelander Feature-Heavens Above!

I had an amusing encounter earlier this week with two Christians.I was sat down eating some crisps when I was approached by the pair asking me to help them with their survey.
Since I'm such a nice guy I agreed and they proceeded to ask me their questions which I have to say left me pretty much speechless and feeling quite embarrassed.
Below is a rough description of the conversation:

Christian:OK,first question-Do you believe in God?

Me:(Pause)Well,yes I would believe in God.

Christian:What do you think the meaning of life is?

Me:(Long Pause)Uh...happiness?Is that there?(The Christian tells me that it wasn't an option there but that it should be.I'm not actually sure if that is my opinion on the meaning of life but it's the first thing that came into my head)

Christian:OK,What do you think will happen when you die?

Me:(Longer Pause)Uh...

Christian:I mean,do you believe there's a heaven?

Me:Well,I'm a Christian and believe in an afterlife so...

Christian:(Nods head)OK,alright,next question-What is your interpretation of the Bible?Do you believe it word for word?

Me:(munching crisps)Well,personally I don't believe it word for word.I think that stories such as God creating the universe in 7 days were just designed to help give the people of the time a sense of the world they were living in.Science has proven these stories aren't true.

Christian:(Not looking too impressed with my answer)Well,there is actually alot of evidence which shows blah blah blah.(I didn't really listen to him here as he went on for a bit and proceeded to advise me to attend some creationist speech somewhere.)
Well I'm not going to get into that debate with you.Next question-do you believe Jesus existed?

Me:Well,I think it has been proven that he did exist...

Christian:Do you believe he was the son of God?

Me:(Very long pause)Um,well...I think...yes,I would believe he was the son of God.

Chrisitan:Do you believe you are a sinner?

Me:Well,I think we're all sinners in a way.

Christian:Yes,absolutely.(He then proceeded to go on talking and again I didn't really listen to him but for a minute I thought I heard him say he thought I was going to hell,which wouldn't have been very Christian,but perhaps I misheard what he said!)

Me:(A little aggrieved at what may have been said)Can I just ask what is your opinion on the tsunami disaster?

Christian:(A pause from him this time)Uh..well I believe God is all powerful and I believe he can do great things and bad things so...I would believe he caused it.It's tragic and all that but...that's just the way it is.

Me:Hmm(I wasn't too impressed with this answer although to be fair I'm not sure how I would answer that myself)

Christian:(He tells me there are more questions but he will just ask me one more as he doesn't want to keep me)Last question-If you could ask God one question,what would it be?

Me:What's it all about?What's the meaning of life?

Christian:Ok if you've no more questions then thanks for your help.(They head on their way and I got the impression they weren't blown away by my responses)

I have to admit this short 5 minute conversation played on my mind for the rest of the day.The questions they asked were questions I regularly ask myself but the difference is while I may ask myself these questions I don't necessarily require answers!These guys did!
I learned that I am not as sure about things as I had previously thought.
I imagine this is the case for many people.
Overall,I enjoyed the unexpected conversation and it caused me to think which is always good!
I wonder if you ask yourself some of the questions that they asked of me whether you would have confident answers?Try thinking about them.
After all,you never know when you might be approached to take part in a Christian survey!

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