Monday, January 24, 2005


Shower of Gangsters!

I see former cabinet minister Ray Burke has been jailed for six months(hat-tip to Gerry O'Sullivan) over tax offences.
Commenting on the matter,Tanaiste Mary Harney dscribed Mr Burke's jailing as a 'watershed in Irish life'.

I'm not sure what's more ridiculous,the laughably lenient sentence or the inane comments by Harney.This is not a watershed,it's a cop out!
Six months?Isn't that what they give to people who refuse to pay the bin tax?

Apparently Judge Desmond Hogan imposed two six-month jail terms on the former minister for each offence and he ordered the terms to run concurrently.

Concurrently?!What's the point of that?!That just cancels out each offence!
No wonder there's such disgust felt by Irish people for politicians!They truly are a shower of gangsters and what's more,as this case proves,crime does pay.


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