Thursday, January 27, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-27.01.05

Hero: Bertie Ahern:I've been impressed with Ahern of late!Apparently he is to ask British PM Tony Blair to apologise to the family of a member of the wrongfully-convicted Guildford Four.

Well done to Ahern and hopefully Mr Blair will duly oblige with the apology.If any British Prime Minister has the courage to do this honourable thing,it is Mr Blair.

Villain: Mary McAleese:Oh dear!She has earned the wrath of the Protestant community for comments made during ceremonies to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in which she likened those who passed on anti-Semitic attitudes to their children with Protestants in the North who did the same by passing on anti-Catholic attitudes.

I think it's all a big fuss over nothing!I'm particularly disappointed with Ian Paisley Jr's comments that she "is spewing out hatred of the Protestant community".

She made an error by only using Protestants as an example as obviously there were also some Catholics who passed on anti-Protestant attitudes.This does not make her a bigot though.
The irony of Paisley Jr accusing someone of showing hatred for another religion!


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