Thursday, January 06, 2005


Thursday Thoughts:Divisionism

For this edition of Thursday Thoughts I would like to bring up a term that I first used about a year ago on Slugger O'Toole-Divisionism.
Given that my views on Irish reunification follow the line of thinking in the Good Friday Agreement that it should only occur if the people north and south vote for it,frequently I find people questioning me on those unionists who clearly won't vote for it.

As I have stated on the very first edition of Thursday Thoughts,I feel the Irish Republic must make itself the model for a unified Ireland by paving the way towards Irish unity through measures which reach out to those in the unionist community.
Do I believe all of unionism will back Irish unity?No.
I don't believe unionism has a united voice and I feel over time unionism will be split even further once the IRA are gone and Sinn Fein are marginalised.
I believe that if an Irish Government does what I've outlined,certain strands of unionism will begin to consider the option of a united Ireland.
If nothing else,for the obvious reason that they'd have far more sway in a united Ireland than they do currently in the UK.
However what about the unionists that will never be won over?I call these-divisionists!

In the future,unionism will be redefined.In my opinion unionism will come to mean those people in Ireland who feel British and desire to always feel British and who demand that a united Ireland cater for this need.
Divisionism will come to mean those whose objection to reunification is more due to anti-Irishness and a mistrust of Dublin and the south in general,more than anything else.
Divisionists will be people who would not want a united Ireland regardless of the situation.
Even if the Republic opted to rejoin the UK,these people would still oppose unity!

So what's the answer to beat divisonism?You don't.You ignore it!
Hopefully when unionism splits itself in two,unionists(i.e. those primarily concerned about their Britishness)will outnumber those who I'd regard as divisionist(anti-partition no matter what).
Today,some people like Gerry Adams regard this strand of unionism as Paisleyism.
Personally I find my term to be far more apt!
Nationalists get ready.In the future you will have a new enemy called divisionism and it is imperative that we,and indeed the unionists,defeat it!


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