Thursday, January 20, 2005


For the Glory of Ireland?

It seems that dissident republican scum will do anything to attain a united Ireland-even attacking the Republic of Ireland.

Gardai are linking the discovery of a live pipe bomb underneath a van in north Dublin to dissident republicans.
Two men were arrested in connection with the find,which forced the evacuation of several homes on Belcamp Crescent in Clonshaugh.

The device was spotted at around 1am and residents were only allowed to return to their homes around three hours later,when bomb disposals experts made the area safe.

Gardai said today that the two men being held in connection with the incident were also being questioned about Continuity IRA activity.

What does this mean?Have the Continuity IRA deemed it acceptable to target the Irish Republic?I wouldn't be surprised if the hatred these scumbags feel for the "Free State" has led to them finding it necessary to target the state even if it means hurting citizens they're supposed to be fighting for.
The Continuity IRA are an insult to the great Irish Republicans of the past.Shame on them.


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