Sunday, January 23, 2005


Hear Hear,Harney!

I'm pleased at the news that Tanaiste Mary Harney has warned Sinn Fein that it must recognise that the IRA murder of Jean McConvile was a crime.
She described comments by Mary Lou McDonald and Mitchel McLaughlin on the issue as 'a serious set back for the peace process'.
Speaking on RTE Radio,Ms Harney added that Sinn Fein must make clear that paramilitarism and criminality is over.

Even more interesting was her comment that Kerry North TD Martin Ferris is on the IRA's army council.

I applaud Ms Harney for standing up to the pseudo-democratic tendencies of Sinn Fein but I am alarmed at her comments on Mr Ferris.If he is suspected of being on the army council of an organisation which is a threat to the Irish Republic,then he must be made answer these serious allegations post-haste!


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