Wednesday, January 19, 2005


'What If'?Wednesday-No Orange Order

Some of you may know that I have been struggling to come up with a feature on United Irelander for Wednesdays.
'What If'?Wednesday was the original feature but I scrapped it as I didn't feel it had any long-term value however after giving it some thought I feel if I modify it slightly to use it to discuss hypothetical situations for the present and future rather than the past,it could work effectively.

This week I ask you how life in the North would be if there was no Orange Order.
Let's face facts-the Orange Order is built on hate.It thrives on the nasty side of unionism which is of course anti-catholicism and anti-Irishness.Can we really expect Ireland's north to be a society which preaches tolerance and understanding when there exists an organisation which glorifies anti-Catholicism and anti-Irishness and feels it justifiable to exclude one half of the community?I don't think so.

I blame the Orange Order for the tensions which arise in Ireland's north every summer.
If there was no Orange Order,summer would be a time for calm and relaxation rather than a time for the flare-ups that so often occur.
If there was no Orange Order,Catholics and Protestants would have a far healthier relationship,there is no doubt about that.
If there was no Orange Order,racism would not be as rife as it is within the loyalist community and furthermore loyalist paramilitaries would not be as significant as they are.

What does all this tell you?That there should be no Orange Order!


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