Thursday, January 20, 2005


Thursday Thoughts:Independent NI?

Yesterday on A Tangled Web there was an article about Paul Fitzsimmons,a long time advocate of a negotiated Independent Northern Ireland as a permanent solution to the problems in the North,who has apparently decided to give up on the idea.
I must say that I completely oppose plans for an independent NI and feel the concept is ridiculous.I'll explain why.

I feel that those who advocate an independent NI(unionists in other words) are merely proving their failure to acknowledge or understand the purpose behind Irish nationalism.We're told an independent NI would be good for nationalists as they will no longer be ruled by the British.Big deal!There is more to nationalism than a desire to be free of British rule.It is also the desire for Irish people in the North to be able to exist in a state with their fellow Irish people in the south.

Those who advocate an independent NI are advocating a new nation.An 'Ulster nation' if you will.The trouble is,Irish nationalists are already a part of a nation-The Irish nation and it is this nation that inspires them into wanting an Irish nation-state.
I have already stated I do not believe in 'Northern Irishness' and I feel that these calls for an independent NI are based on efforts by people to make a reality out of the myth that is 'Northern Irishness'.

I'd like to know why unionists who advocate an independent NI won't instead advocate an independent Ireland.
If they are willing to sever ties with Westminster and to share a state with northern nationalists why won't they sever ties with Westminster and share a state with nationalists across the island?
I recently made a post in which I questioned whether at the heart of unionism there is just simply anti-Irishness.Aren't the people who are advocating an independent NI proving that this is actually the case?

I would say to those unionists contemplating severing ties with the British mainland and sharing a state with nationalists,by all means go ahead with your plans-Just make sure they're on a 32 county basis.


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