Friday, January 28, 2005


Paisley Junior proves he's a Prat

Listen to this comment from Ian Paisley Jr which can at best be desribed as the mutterings of an uneducated ignorant degenerate and can at worst be described as the utterance of a foul-mouthed xenophobic pig:

"Political leaders from the Irish Republic would be better to say nothing about the Second World War given the record of Irish governments and the role played by senior politicians during and after the conflict,"referring to the condolences de Valera sent to the German embassy following the death of Hitler.

Anyone who has studied history will know that de Valera did this as a mark of respect to Edouard Hempel,the German ambassador to Ireland who co-operated with the Irish government and who did not make life difficult for the Irish government over its neutral stance.
Paisley had more to say:

"As a Fianna Fail President,Mrs McAleese should question the role and actions of her predecessors,rather than criticise the Protestants of Northern Ireland who at least fought against Nazism."

This last line is scandalous and goes above and beyond anything McAleese said.This is a calculated swipe at Irish people in the south.Paisley Jr should know that 60,000 Irish people from the south(including a grandfather of mine)fought in that war.
He was not a Protestant yet is his role worth less?

I have commented many times that the role of the Irish government during WW2 was quite remarkable considering that Ireland and Britain were at each other's throats only twenty years previously.

Paisley Jr's comments are an attack on the Irish people in the south who fought and thus an attack on the present day Irish state.Up yours,Paisley Junior!
Your comments are a disgrace and I feel you are truly a xenophobic pig.
Take a look at the loyalists who sympathised with the Nazi scum and if you want an example of bigotry,look no further than James Craig who declared a "Protestant state for a Protestant people".Most of all,look at your own father!


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