Saturday, January 29, 2005


Bloody Hypocrite

In a sickening example of the remarkable hypocrisy of unionist leaders,UUP leader David Trimble has told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that he welcomes President McAleese's apology after her controversial comments on Thursday.

"I'm glad that there has been an apology,because I considered the remarks remarkably ill-judged,"he said.Referring to her comments in which she condemned anti-Catholicism as well as anti-Semitism,Trimble said:

"While no doubt that is true of some people,it is not right to lump together the Protestants of Northern Ireland and accuse them of this and to ignore the fact that a considerable amount of hatred exists within some members of the Catholic community."

What a disgusting hypocrite!This is a man who remarked about my country: "Take away anti-Britishness and Catholicism and the State has no reason to exist."
Not only that he has also remarked that the Irish Republic was a "pathetic,sectarian,mono-cultural,mono-ethnic State".

Now where the hell was his apology?!Where the hell were the unionists who were so terribly upset with what McAleese may have implied when Trimble said his comments?!
Trimble,the member of the Orange Order,lecturing people on how dangerous it is to "lump together" people!It makes me sick!
What a bloody hypocrite!


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