Thursday, December 16, 2004


Thursday Thoughts:Ireland's Role

I wrote yesterday something I've stated before which is that in my opinion for there to be an Ireland without a border there must first be a united Ireland with the border.What I mean by this is that the north and south of Ireland ought to be as indistinguishable as possible to pave the way for Irish unity.
The Republicanism of Sinn Fein and others is doomed to failure as for all its claims about wanting reunification it still markets itself as being as distinguishable from Britishness as possible.The idiocy of the Sinn Fein position is evident in their ties to the IRA while at the same time supporting the GFA.The GFA states for unity to occur,a majority in the North must support it.It is clear from the recent census results that this won't happen through out breeding the unionists(a good thing as it would lead to more heartache).One wonders therefore why Sinn Fein if they truly desire unity remain tied to an organisation that unionists HATE with all their might.In other words,Sinn Fein is a PARTITIONIST PARTY.

For Irish unity to ever occur,nationalists must learn to respect the right of Britishness on this island.Personally,I have no problem with it.We have experienced invasions from Celts,Vikings and Normans.The anti-Britishness that is held in some quarters of natioanlism must be resigned to the past.I favour Irish unity more than anything else.I support a republican style of government over a monarchy however if a united Ireland meant sacrificing a republic,I'd back that.To me,unity matters more.From 1937-1949,Ireland was not officially a republic after all.

So then,how should nationalism hope to pursue reunification?Well,I'll outline the role I think an Irish government ought to pursue to help pave the way for talks on unity.
Firstly,yesterday was a great step forward.Involvement from the north in southern affairs is a great way of ignoring the influence of the border to Irish people.Other methods that should be pursued:

In conclusion,it is clear to me that for Irish unity to ever be on the discussion table,nationalists must put aside anti-British hostility and recognise the special relationship of unionists and the British mainland.Nationalists should not hope to try and rip this relationship from the hands of unionism.For Irish reunifcation to be seen as a possibility,nationalists must set aside bitterness and assure unionists that a united Ireland will not see a repeat of the poor treatment dished out to unionists in the Free State.Forget the partitionist nonsense of a united Ireland by 2016 and talk of outbreeding and get down to building an island for the future that we all can enjoy.Collins declared he hoped the Free State would offer "The freedom to achieve freedom".I say it is time the Republic set about doing this and made the Republic the model for a united Ireland.

Sinn Fein's efforts will never work.Nationalism is built on revolution,but it must move forward through evolution.


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