Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Hold On...

I'm not a big fan of Ian Paisley Junior.Today he gave his views on the statement last night by the IRA in which they denied involvement in the Northern Bank raid.
Paisley Jnr said today he did not believe the IRA denial.

"Just because the IRA denies something,I don't believe that that means that their denials should be believed,"he said.

"I believe that they really are telling lies...It's up to the IRA now to prove that they didn't do it."

Hold on,I'm no defender of the Provos,but since when is it up to suspects to prove that they are not guilty?It is up to Hugh Orde and the PSNI to show evidence proving that the IRA did it!

Do the DUP not believe in the old adage of 'innocent until proven guilty'?


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