Monday, January 17, 2005


Monday Madness-Northern Ireland Football Team

I do not support the NI football team.I cannot stand the team.I feel that it is the duty of Irish nationalists to boycott the team and support Ireland instead.The NI team is for unionists only regardless of what the IFA says and it is time all nationalists realised that.

Look at what happened to poor Neil Lennon.Hounded out of the team for being a Catholic and for playing for Celtic.Pathetic.Unfortunately what happened to Neil Lennon was not an isolated incident.It has happened to other nationalist players including the great Pat Jennings who would suffer horrible anti-Catholic chants as he headed for the goal at the start of matches.

Other reasons I dislike the NI team?The anthem.
How can it be claimed that the IFA are reaching out to the nationalist community when the anthem used is one that the nationalist community completely opposes?For the rugby games we Irish in the south replaced Amhran na bhFiann with the dreadful 'Ireland's Call' to satisfy unionists but it seems similar gestures can't be done by unionists to nationalists for football.
I also oppose the name of the stadium.Windsor Park?What a laugh!Why don't they go ahead and name one of the stands after Oliver Cromwell?!
The fact is the NI team should rename itself England Junior as that is what it is trying to be.
If a nationalist brought an Irish tricolour to Windsor Park,his/her life would be in danger!

It is time to have a United Ireland football team.According to the latest FIFA world rankings,NI is ranked below such football heavyweights as Panama,Botswana and Lebanon!
A United Ireland team would at least give the people in the North some victories to celebrate.
It is time to unify the two teams for the sake of football supporters across the island and also for the fact that it will remove the difficult decision I face as to which team to support in the upcoming World Cup qualifier between England and NI!
I mean,aside from the vast gulf in quality between the two teams,they're both pretty much the same team!


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