Monday, January 24, 2005


The Rise of English Nationalism

I am excited at the thought of an English nationalist party emerging which would get mainstream support and potentially cause the Union alot of difficulties.
It would appear to me that the English people do not like the plans by Labour to split England into regions and would much prefer to have an English parliament which looks after English affairs.Clearly the British government fear such proposals.
I think it was John Prescott who said that England did not exist!

Clearly the West Lothian question was raised to great heights when Scottish MPs voted on the English matter of top-up fees.The English started to realise they weren't getting a great deal out of the current system.
Tony Blair and William Hague have in the past warned of the dangers of an increase in nationalism among the English people.

I for one support it!It seems that some Englsih people are willing to take steps to sort out their pretty terrible position.An example would be this site.
Hopefully Englsih nationalism will emerge in the 21st century!


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