Sunday, January 16, 2005



It's often said that giving birth is a miracle.I don't know if the same can be said in this case.

A 67 year-old Romanian woman gave birth today to a baby girl,hospital officials said.The child's twin sister was stillborn.
Adriana Iliescu,who was artificially inseminated,is now the world's oldest recorded mother.

Iliescu's daughter-who has not yet been named-was delivered by Caesarian section early today,more than six weeks short of a full 40-week pregnancy term,said a hospital spokeswoman.
She weighed just 1.45 kilograms(3.19 Ibs),less than half the weight of an average newborn,and was in the intensive care unit but breathing on her own,the spokeswoman said.

"The mother is doing well-she is saying she has been given a new lease of life,"the spokeswoman said,reading from a statement.

Doctors performed the emergency Caesarian section after the smaller of Iliescu's twins died in the womb,said the spokesowman.That child weighed just 700 grams(1.54 Ibs).

Iliescu underwent fertility treatment for nine years,including procedures to reverse the effects of menopause,before being artificially inseminated,the head doctor at the hospital,Bogdan Marinescu,was quoted as saying.

While everyone is entitled to want a family,can this be condoned?Do the ethical factors override the personal ones?


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