Monday, January 17, 2005


Is Unionism Glorified anti-Irishness?

Before anyone bites my head off I'd first like to say that I respect the position of unionism and the right for people born in Ireland to class themselves as British if they want to,however I can't help but feel that serious questions about unionism will emerge in the 21st century.
Questions that will affect the very heart of unionism and the unionist identity.
The removal of the IRA,the deterioration of Sinn Fein's significance;these events would leave unionism with serious questions to answer.

As I have said before,I feel that if nationalism gets its act together and pushes the case for Irish unity effectively,a split will occur in unionism creating a more radical strand of unionism that I like to call divisionism.

Let's not forget that in the past,unionist xenophobia and bigotry was so great that unionists in the 6 counties sold out their fellow unionists in the 26 counties.
Let's not forget that many unionists subscribe to the xenophobia and bigotry of the nasty cult known as the Orange Order.
And let us not forget that the hostility of unionism has been shown in their opposition to the Anglo-Irish Agreement and to the Good Friday Agreement.

Many unionists can't shake off their feelings of superiority over the nationalist community.
If a United Ireland can offer unionists a good deal and safeguard their Britishness,will they turn it down due to their historic hatred of Ireland's south?
Will unionism be revealed to be nothing more than glorified anti-Irishness?


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