Thursday, January 27, 2005


Thursday Thoughts:Monarchy in a UI

I notice some people had a problem with my proposal for a joint head of state for a United Ireland that would have a President and a monarch.I really don't know what the problem is!
A marriage of two states,like the marriage of two people,would require compromise.
Allowing a role for the monarchy in a United Ireland is not a big deal.It would be a nice gesture from nationalists to unionists acknowledging the mark Britishness has made on Ireland.

Assuming the Republic had chosen to rejoin the Commonwealth before the issue of Irish unity was on the table(which is how I believe it should be),then the Queen will have been given a degree of influence over Ireland anyway.Thus,it would not be difficult to arrange for joint heads of state with the President of Ireland looking after domestic issues and the Queen looking after issues involving the Commonwealth.
There would be no oath of allegiance to the monarchy at all so the people would have nothing to fear.

If this proposal could help convince unionists to vote for a United Ireland,why are nationalists so quick to dismiss it?I think Irish people who identify with their Irishness by slagging off the British monarchy are suffering from a Napoleon complex!
My Irishness doesn't require me to hate some old lady on a throne and my nationalism doesn't require me to believe in the narrow-minded Gaelic guff esposed by Adams,McGuinness and their naive supporters!


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