Saturday, January 22, 2005


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Brendan Smith:I commend the Fianna Fail TD for Cavan-Monaghan for attacking the comments made by Mithcel McLaughlin on RTE's Questions and Answers and for calling on McLaughlin to retract his remarks.

I wish there were more people in Fianna Fail like Mr Smith.Perhaps then I could understand the popularity Fiaana Fail are enjoying with the Irish electorate according to the latest opinion polls.

Villains of the Week: UDA:They must be condemned for demanding £70m(€101.1m) from the British government in return for an agreement to abandon all paramilitary activity.

This outrageous demand is an insult to the families who have lost loved ones to this organisation.

Funniest Moment of the Week: Mickey Rooney Commerical: I must say I find it hilarious that a cold remedy commercial starring Mickey Rooney,which featured the 84 year-old dropping his towel in a sauna and exposing his backside,has been axed from next month's Super Bowl coverage over fears it will offend viewers in the way Janet Jackson's performance did last year.

Why are there so many sissies in America?

Dunce of the Week: Mitchel McLaughlin:He appeared on RTE's Questions and Answers on RTE on Monday evening and after being questioned by Michael McDowell he stated that the killing of Jean McConville was not a crime and he agreed with McDowell that he felt this way since the IRA "was the only legitimate government of Ireland".

These comments earned him much condemnation yet unfortunately Mitchel has yet to apologise for being so stupid and disrespectful.

Celebrity of the Week: James Woods:The actor has a new outlook on life after discovering he was 10 days from death in 2004.

The actor,57,was told by many doctors his chest pains were nothing to worry about,but deep down he knew something was wrong so he took his mother's advice and visited his mother's cardiologist: "So I went in...and three hours later,when I woke up,he said,'Well you had about 10 days to live...and now you're fine'.In the old days you would've just died,and now,with the modern technology they have,it's like, 'You're gonna be fine and live forever."

I'm glad he's alright as Mr Woods is an actor I have much admiration for.

Quote of the Week: Well it has to be Mitchel McLaughlin and his claim that the IRA "was the only legitimate government of Ireland".An insult to the Republic of Ireland in my opinion but apparently not according to the Taoiseach!

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