Monday, January 10, 2005


Monday Madness-'Northern Irishness'

I hate 'Northern Irishness'.I hate it because it is a lie.There's nothing that irritates me more than to hear unionists describing themselves as 'Northern Irish'.It is time these people realised that Northern Irishness is a sham that only anti-Irish people believe in!

Some people in Ireland's North like to consider themselves British.Fine.
Some people in Ireland's North like to consider themselves Irish.Great!
Some people in Ireland's North like to consider themselves Northern Irish.Idiots!

Northern Irishness is a lie because it has nothing to base itself on.I've asked unionists to describe to me the hallmarks of 'Northern Irish' culture.They cannot do so.
What are the colours of 'Northern Irishness'?Green?Orange?Red,white and blue?
What is the relationship between 'Northern Irishness' and Irishness and 'Northern Irishness' and Britishness?
It is when one asks unionists these things that unionists are left struggling because they know the answers they give will be vastly different to the answers a nationalist will give thus destroying the myth of 'Northern Irishness' as a legitimate nationality.

Ask a unionist what nation they feel they belong to and I'm sure they'll say a British one.
Ask a nationalist the same question and they'll say an Irish one.So what is 'Northern Irishness'?
It is nothing but a farcical,pitiful excuse of a nationality that unionists must cling to so they can inform tourists of their origins.God forbid they just say that they are Irish!

I have always been angered by this term and I feel it should be scrapped as it makes a mockery of Irish politics.
I am a Dubliner but I don't subscribe to any 'eastern Irishness' and why would I?
I am not so terribly insecure like some unionists are that I feel the need to sugarcoat my roots!
I am an Irishman!It is time unionists who use the silly term 'Northern Irishness' realised they are subscribing to a nation that doesn't exist!
Stop using the term!You are only embarrassing yourselves!


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