Friday, January 21, 2005


Friday Fun-News in Brief

The Irish priest who disrupted the Olympic marathon last year has vowed to ignore the Vatican's decision to remove him from the priesthood.
"I told them I was refusing to accept their decree and,as far as I'm concerned,nothing has changed.I'm still a Catholic priest in the eyes of Jesus Christ," said Neil Horan.

I don't know about that.I do know that in the eyes of most people you're an idiot.

A cold remedy commerical featuring Mickey Rooney,which features the 84 year-old dropping his towel in a sauna and revealing his backside,has been axed from next month's Super Bowl coverage over fears it will offend viewers.

Note to Americans-Fighting in wars doesn't make you tough if you are afraid of an old man's rear end.You Yanks have lost your way!What would John Wayne say?

It was revealed on Tuesday that former Busted singer James Bourne had been dumped by his girlfriend-24 hours after the boyband split up.
His girlfriend,actress Kara Tointon,reportedly dumped him over the phone because he is no longer in the band and therefore no longer able to offer her the limelight she craves.

Well,at least you didn't marry her James!


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