Friday, January 14, 2005


Hero/Villain of the Day-14.01.05

Hero: Patrick Collinson:This fourth-year pupil from Limerick tonight won the ESAT BT Young Scientist of the Year.He was presented with his award by President Mary McAleese.
He received a cheque for €3,000,a Waterford Crystal trophy and the chance to represent Ireland at the EU Contest for Young Scientists in Moscow in September.(Why is an EU contest being held in Moscow?)

Patrick's winning project was a new programming language,CROMA,which is an enhancement of LISP,originally developed fifty years ago.

Well done to the young man.I myself was never great at science in school so I'm very impressed with his efforts!

Villain: Charles Graner:The US reservist,who was alleged to be the ringleader of the prison guards who abused Iraqi prisoners at Abu Gharib,was convicted tonight of abusing Iraqi detainees.

The jury at Ford Hood,Texas took less than five hours to reach its verdict and Graner is now facing up to 17 and a half years behind bars.

The events at Abu Gharib shocked the world and it is good to see that American justice has prevailed in the end.Hopefully this will send a message to the world,and particularly Iraqis,that the real America was not the one represented in those sickening photographs at Abu Gharib prison.


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