Monday, January 24, 2005


Monday Madness-The British Monarchy

I have a strong dislike for the British monarchy.I think they are a bunch of spongers.
If some good can be found in the recent fiasco involving Prince Harry and the Nazi uniform it's that the British public have seen what happens when individuals are given far too much power and luxury.The British public need to do away with this archaic abomination that represents them.

Recently it was revealed that the British are considering proposals for people who reach the age of 18 to swear loyalty to the monarchy!This is farcical.Of course it will never happen in Ireland's north as the British are not stupid but nonetheless it is a bad idea to blur the line between personalities and the state itself.

Other reasons I dislike the monarchy?They have a ban on Catholics getting to the throne proving they are a bunch of royal bigots.
I also object to their continued use of the harp since even the most geographically challenged Brit would be able to tell you that the harp is primarily associated with a part of Ireland that the Brits have no control over.

I also dislike monarchists who use pathetic arguments such as,"We don't want Tony Blair as President" etc. which are designed to convince Brits that they have no one competent enough to be Head of State which is of course rubbish.

British republicanism will be strengthened when Charles gets to the throne as I don't feel he will command respect from Brits the way the Queen does at present.
It will be interesting to see if the Brits in the futuredo the right thing and abolish their monarchy.Go ahead Brits!Turn that crown upside down!


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