Friday, January 21, 2005


Poll Reveals Most Irish People are Idiots

Latest polls have indicated that support for the Government is at its highest since the general election in 2002.
The Irish Times/TNS mrbi poll showed that satisfaction with the Government had risen by nine points by to 52% since the last poll which was done in October.
Here's a breakdown of the results:

Fianna Fail (38%-up 3 points)
Progressive Democrats (4%-up 1 point)
Fine Gael (22%-down 2 points)
Labour (13%-unchanged)
Green Party (4%-unchanged)
Sinn Fein (11%-down 1 point)

Here's a breakdown of the ratings for party leaders:

Bertie Ahern (60%-up 7 points)
Mary Harney (54%-unchanged)
Enda Kenny (44%-down 2 points)
Pat Rabbitte (49%-unchanged)
Trevor Sargeant(33%-down 2 points)

What does this tell you?It tells me that a significant portion of Irish people are morons.
How on earth can the sleazy,morally corrupt cronies that are in power currently be given yet another term?
Not only that but Sinn Fein are continuing to look strong.Mary Harney made some interesting comments on Sinn Fein today: "It would seem perhaps that some of the support for Sinn Fein is so solid that it is not affected by many of these issues,which is quite remarkable."

Indeed it is remarkable but what is most remarkable is that Ahern continues to be popular.Why?It wasn't that long ago that he was booed at an Irish football match at Lansdowne Road.I feel it is time for a change.The current crowd are clearly past their sell-by date.
Hopefully the idiocy on display here won't be repeated at the next election.Winston Churchill put it nicely when he said that,"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."Apparently so,Winston!Apparently so!


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