Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Get lost, Sarkozy

I was delighted that French president Nicolas Sarkozy was greeted with protests from Irish citizens upon his visit to Ireland on Monday. I would have liked to have been there amongst them but alas I couldn't find the time.

Mr Sarkozy had the temerity to suggest recently that we in Ireland should vote AGAIN on the Lisbon Treaty. I knew this abhorrent kite would be floated following the result and I reiterate that it's vitally important we shoot it down immediately.

I voted No. The result was No. MOVE ON. How dare this cretin suggest that my vote and the votes of other Irish people should be dismissed!

I would like to think on his visit he got the message that we in Ireland do not want a repeat referendum however I think the EU is so ignorant, and our politicians are for the most part so spineless, that I'm certain a repeat referendum is very much still in his plans.

I will continue to oppose such a flagrant disregard for democracy and I hope so too will every Irish person. I want the views of the Irish people to be upheld.

Au revoir, Nicolas. Don't come back. To me you're about as welcome as Robert Mugabe and just as democratic.


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