Friday, January 14, 2005


Fun Irelander Feature-Heavens Above!

I had an amusing encounter earlier this week with two Christians.I was sat down eating some crisps when I was approached by the pair asking me to help them with their survey.
Since I'm such a nice guy I agreed and they proceeded to ask me their questions which I have to say left me pretty much speechless and feeling quite embarrassed.
Below is a rough description of the conversation:

Christian:OK,first question-Do you believe in God?

Me:(Pause)Well,yes I would believe in God.

Christian:What do you think the meaning of life is?

Me:(Long Pause)Uh...happiness?Is that there?(The Christian tells me that it wasn't an option there but that it should be.I'm not actually sure if that is my opinion on the meaning of life but it's the first thing that came into my head)

Christian:OK,What do you think will happen when you die?

Me:(Longer Pause)Uh...

Christian:I mean,do you believe there's a heaven?

Me:Well,I'm a Christian and believe in an afterlife so...

Christian:(Nods head)OK,alright,next question-What is your interpretation of the Bible?Do you believe it word for word?

Me:(munching crisps)Well,personally I don't believe it word for word.I think that stories such as God creating the universe in 7 days were just designed to help give the people of the time a sense of the world they were living in.Science has proven these stories aren't true.

Christian:(Not looking too impressed with my answer)Well,there is actually alot of evidence which shows blah blah blah.(I didn't really listen to him here as he went on for a bit and proceeded to advise me to attend some creationist speech somewhere.)
Well I'm not going to get into that debate with you.Next question-do you believe Jesus existed?

Me:Well,I think it has been proven that he did exist...

Christian:Do you believe he was the son of God?

Me:(Very long pause)Um,well...I think...yes,I would believe he was the son of God.

Chrisitan:Do you believe you are a sinner?

Me:Well,I think we're all sinners in a way.

Christian:Yes,absolutely.(He then proceeded to go on talking and again I didn't really listen to him but for a minute I thought I heard him say he thought I was going to hell,which wouldn't have been very Christian,but perhaps I misheard what he said!)

Me:(A little aggrieved at what may have been said)Can I just ask what is your opinion on the tsunami disaster?

Christian:(A pause from him this time)Uh..well I believe God is all powerful and I believe he can do great things and bad things so...I would believe he caused it.It's tragic and all that but...that's just the way it is.

Me:Hmm(I wasn't too impressed with this answer although to be fair I'm not sure how I would answer that myself)

Christian:(He tells me there are more questions but he will just ask me one more as he doesn't want to keep me)Last question-If you could ask God one question,what would it be?

Me:What's it all about?What's the meaning of life?

Christian:Ok if you've no more questions then thanks for your help.(They head on their way and I got the impression they weren't blown away by my responses)

I have to admit this short 5 minute conversation played on my mind for the rest of the day.The questions they asked were questions I regularly ask myself but the difference is while I may ask myself these questions I don't necessarily require answers!These guys did!
I learned that I am not as sure about things as I had previously thought.
I imagine this is the case for many people.
Overall,I enjoyed the unexpected conversation and it caused me to think which is always good!
I wonder if you ask yourself some of the questions that they asked of me whether you would have confident answers?Try thinking about them.
After all,you never know when you might be approached to take part in a Christian survey!


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