Monday, January 24, 2005


Barbados Waves Bye-Bye to Queen!

I'm delighted to hear that the prime-minister of Barbados has announced plans to make the Caribbean island a republic,replacing the British Queen as the official head of state with a locally elected president.
The government will present a draft bill to Parliament to amend the former British colony's constitution in March,said Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

"The moment is coming this year.We will move this country to a higher and mature plane of political development,"said Arthur,who has been leader of Barbados since 1994.

He said Barbados should switch to a republic because it is "secure in its own identity to have one of its own become its supreme head of state".

Well done Mr Arthur and well done Barbados!Hopefully these plans will lead to yet another country freeing itself from the clutches of the royal spongers from Buckingham Palace!
You have to feel bad for the monarchy,though.It's not been a great time for them of late!
Still,hopefully Barbados' decision will spur on other countries to do something similar.
Britain perhaps?!


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