Tuesday, January 25, 2005


United Irish Dominion?

It is my opinion that if a United Ireland is to achieve the backing of the unionist people it must allow for a relationship with the British monarchy.In other words,I don't believe in a United Irish Republic.I don't feel the idea is workable.
In order for unionists to consider voting for a United Ireland an Irish government would have to lay the foundations for it first.The Republic would have to be eroded away gradually thus ensuring that Britishness would be safeguarded in a United Ireland.
Ultimately,the United Ireland might have to have dominion status like the Irish Free State had and like Canada and Australia currently have.

Most nationalists who want a United Ireland automatically assume this will mean a United Irish Republic.Why?If Irish unity can be brought about by forsaking the republican system of government,isn't that something worth considering?It is in my view.

I favour a system similar to Andorra in the event of a United Ireland.There would be a President and a British monarch for Ireland.If Ireland was a part of the Commonwealth,the Queen could represent the Irish in matters relating to the Commonwealth while the President could look after domestic affairs.
It would be a unique relationship but then again the Anglo-Irish relationship is unique.

Irish nationalists need to start thinking about about the sacrifices that may have to be made to attain unity.Is dominion status really that bad if it brings about the end of the border?


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