Friday, January 28, 2005


Friday Fun-News in Brief

This week the question to be asked in the British EU referendum was revealed and it is:
"Should the United Kingdom approve the treaty establishing a constitution for the European Union?"
It is not yet clear what the wording will be for the Irish referendum.

May I suggest: "Should Ireland bend over for the EU and give away its sovereignty to the bureaucrats of Brussels?"
Actually perhaps it shouldn't be worded in that way as knowing Irish people,they'd probably vote Yes!

It was reported in the Evening Herald this week that comedian Brendan O'Carroll was heavily criticised for a performance he gave for a Eurovision special concert in aid of victims of the tsunami disaster in Asia which critics called "appalling".
Apparently he used very foul language when there were kids present and referred to Twink in very unkind terms.
O'Carroll hit back saying highlighting his foul language would be like a news headline saying "Hens lay eggs".

Or how about a news headline saying,"Brendan O'Carroll isn't funny"?
Let me tell you something,if you listen to that man perform,laughter is the last thing you'll be likely to hear!


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