Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Celebrate 100 Years by Undoing Betrayals-Dr Coulter

There's a good article in The Blanket by Dr John Coulter who maintains that the centenaries of the formation of both the Ulster Unionist Council and Sinn Fein provide opportunities for unionists and nationalists to undo two of the greatest political betrayals of the 20th century.

In relation to unionism,Coulter argues the DUP and UUP could work "towards the creation of a single Unionist Party,as well as officially opening a Unionist Embassy in Leinster House" to represent Southern Protestants.

In relation to nationalism,Coulter argues that "Sinn Fein must not commemorate its centenary by heaping further insults on its founder.It must again become a party of respectable separatists,not a movement for physical force,diehard republicans and closet communists."

A good article and worth a read.I particularly liked Coulter's comment regarding the various parties who are claiming they descend from Griffith's Sinn Fein of 1905,that "the sad reality is that had he been alive today,he would probably have disowned the lot."


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