Sunday, January 23, 2005


FG and Labour Agree on Voting Deal

I am heartened at the news that Fine Gael and Labour are to agree on a voting deal for the upcoming by-elections.
Each party is to ask voters to give second preferance to the other,in an attempt to defeat Government candidates.

By-elections are set to take place in Kildare North and Meath,as Charlie McCreevy and John Bruton have taken up EU positions.

The agreement between the two opposition parties is considered to be a test run for a similar deal in the next general elections.

I fuly back these plans by Fine Gael and Labour.It is nice to see them getting their act together and it seems the recent opinion polls showing satisfaction with the Governemnt have given the two parties a timely kick up the backside!
It is clearly time for a change in Government and it's time the FF/PD gangsters were removed!


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