Sunday, January 16, 2005


Sunday Scrutiny-Prince Harry

This week I will take a look at the Royal rebel himself.Harry has embroiled his family into a huge amount of controversy this past week after dressing up as a Nazi for a fancy dress party.
Some people feel he has been harshly criticised,but has he?

In my opinion he deserves the criticism.I have read numerous people saying,"he's only young","he's a young man" etc.The guy is 20 years old!This isn't some wayward 14 year old it is a man old enough to drink and to vote and who is legally regarded as a man.
Someone who is 20 should know full well about the horrors of Nazism and his choice of costume was more than just "poor" it was positively idiotic and distasteful!

Another reason he deserves his criticism is because of his public role.The position he holds gives him enormous advantages over "normal" people.He has wealth and luxury that most of us can only dream about.Therefore,he must take the good with the bad.
He must learn to refrain from acting a clown the way it could be argued most "normal" young people do.If Wayne Rooney had been caught wearing a Nazi costume the Press would've been just as harsh,there's no doubt about that.
Also,as someone pointed out in a letter I read,with all the aides and advisors he has,couldn't somebody have told him it was a bad costume to wear?!

I think the main reason he deserves the criticism he's getting is because of his laughable and lame "apology" which was hardly sincere and which leaves him in a bad light.
If he came out in a press conference and admitted in a heartfelt way that wahat he did was wrong,people would've appreciated it because it takes a man to apologise.
His pathetic response through Clarence House just makes him look even more ignorant and uncaring.

He has courted controversy in the past with his fondness for unhealthy substances and his desire to swing his fists at photographers,so he is not shy of the spotlight.
It is such a shame that the British taxpayers cotinue to fund these bunch of spongers.
When will they learn that a republic is the way to go?!


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