Thursday, January 13, 2005


United Irelander Condemns the Simon Wiesenthal Centre

This post was originally going to centre on my opposition to comments made by Sinn Fein councillor Christy Burke today and his anger at the removal of the head and right arm of the statue to IRA Chief of Staff Sean Russell.I happen to support those who carried out the act as I believe the statue should never have been introduced in the first place and unlike Mr.Burke I happen to believe Sean Russell was pro-Nazi(enough to be willing to endanger the Jewish people in Ireland)and I happen to believe the statue should be replaced with one honouring those Irish soldiers who fought in the British Army and who are not properly acknowledged in my view.

However I am instead going to express my utter disgust and outrage by comments from the Simon Wiesenthel Centre in Paris.
They want the statue to remain unrestored as a symbol of Ireland's "shame" for its neutral status in World War 2 as thousands of Jews were put to death.

I am appalled at these comments.I have studied history and I firmly back the decision to keep Ireland neutral which I believe was the sensible option and an option that ensured the survival of Irish citizens and Irish cities.
Furthermore from my studies,it is clear that as the old saying goes,Ireland was 'neutral on the side of the British'.
Allied pilots wrecked in Ireland were released through the North however German troops were interned.
Weather reports that the Irish were privy to were passed onto the Allies.
Plans were drawn up by the Irish and British to repel an invasion by the Germans.
And of course,we cannot forget the estimated 60,000 Irish people from the south who fought for the British Army and the fact that twice that amount worked in munitions factories.
These are just some examples of the role Ireland played in WW2 and for a nation of its limited size and influence,and considering the tense relations with the British at the time,I am immensely proud of what Ireland did and the role de Valera had in keeping Ireland neutral and in contributing as best he could.

I find that the Simon Wiesenthel Centre,which is supposed to show the rest of the world how wrong racism is,has engaged in racism itself.How dare they berate us!
The Irish government did not need to help at all but it did.
I would love an apology from the Simon Wiesenthel Centre but I doubt I'll get one but rest assured I shall be emailing them to let them know my anger and frustration at their ignorant remarks.
I have lost respect for this organisation.Shame on them!


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