Saturday, January 29, 2005


Irish Ignorance-Jeopardising Sovereignty

I was shocked to learn that according to a Eurobarometer opinion poll,almost half the Irish population have never heard of the proposed EU constitution.

One-third of the 25,000 Europeans questioned as part of the poll said they were unaware of the document,but this figure was 45% among Irish respondents.

The scariest thing of all however were the figures revealing that 28% of Irish people questioned in the survey said they supported the proposed constitution,with only 5% opposing it,which is the lowest figure in any EU member state.

Irish people need to learn more about this constitution because if it is supported in a referednum it will signal the beginning of the end of Irish sovereignty.This is no joke.
The vote on this constitution will be a vote that will be crucial to the future of Ireland as we know it and a resounding "No!" is required!
I am heartened by a poll in the Daily Telegraph suggesting that 45% of British people will vote against the constitution with 24% in favour.

Irish people need to follow the example of the British on this issue and reject this threat to sovereignty!


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