Saturday, January 29, 2005


United Ireland-Federal Structure

There are some elements of Republican Sinn Fein's controversial Eire Nua proposal that I support such as their idea of a federation of the four provinces of Ireland under a national parliament at the Dail.
I feel this would be required as it is clear that the politicians of the North have gotten a taste for power from their experience of devolution and it is obvious that rule from Dublin would be met with hostitlity by large sections of the unionist community and I imagine also from the nationalist community.

Therefore I feel allowing Ulster the chance to govern its own day-to-day affairs is of vital importance.Ideally,each province would be able to look after its own affairs although some difficulties could very well emerge.

It seems to me though that a United Ireland would need to function on a federal basis as this would offer the smoothest form of government for the people of Ireland.
A federal structure should be offered to the unionist community by an Irish government which is calling for reunification.


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