Monday, February 28, 2005


Monday Madness-Bertie Backers

On Saturday I reported on the poll in the Irish Independent which showed strong support for the Taoiseach as well as the Government and Fianna Fail.
Fianna Fail's popularity stood at 42% - up 5 points,Government satisfaction stood at 51% - up 6 points,and Bertie Ahern's popularity stood at 61% - up 6 points.
I would like to ask the people who participated in this poll a question - Are you idiots?!

The prospect of many more years of Fianna Fail in power,led by bumbling Bertie,fills me with dread.This man can't keep a promise.Anyone remember the Bertie Bowl?Hey,where's that then?How about Ahern's pledge that he would not release Garda McCabe's killers?He then seemed to contemplate doing just that.Now he says he won't release them.Can we believe him?
There is also a health crisis in this country and the Government has done little to alleviate the problem.We also mustn't forget the numerous scandals that have plagued Ahern's corrupt party.

It is time for a change.A Fine Gael/Labour coalition is a far better option for this country.It is time for all the Bertie backers to realise that Fianna Fail are a joke and that Ahern is one of the worst leaders this country has ever had.It's time for something different,you fools!


Irish Hero in Court

Roy Keane arrived at Trafford Magistrates court in Manchester today,where he is on trial accused of assaulting a 16-year-old boy.

Keane grabbed the teenager around the neck and shouted in his face after the teenager called him a "wanker", the court heard.The teenager had been riding his moped near Keane's £1.4m mansion in Hale,Greater Manchester.

You can read an account of the incident

"I don't like fighting anyone.I have never been in a fight in my life," said the teenager.

Really?No doubt because you're a bully who intimidates people to make yourself look like a big man.It's clear this youthful degenerate is just like the rest,seeking to intimidate others in order to act macho.Too bad he picked on a guy like Roy Keane.I'm sure Roy will be proven innocent by the court.He is a fine man.


Same Old Firm

I watched the Panorama programme on Sunday night about the sectarianism in Old Firm games and I must say the hatred and bigotry on show was certainly disturbing.Celtic fans were shown singing Irish rebel songs while Rangers fans sang about "Fenian blood" and made Nazi salutes.

From watching the programme,I got the impression that no one really expected these bigoted attitudes to ever change and it does seem to be too ingrained on the psyches of both sides.

I have never been to an Old Firm game and this programme was not a great advertisement for the fixture!

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Actions Not Words

The DUP has said that Republicans know what they have to do if they want to participate in political life in the North.

Following comments from Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams that republcians will face hard choices,Robinson said unionists were no longer interested in trying to decode Sinn Fein speeches.

"People are not interested in their words.They know what they have to do," he said.

"The IRA has to decomission all of its weapons in a transparent and verifiable way".

It's not often I find myself agreeing with the DUP,but on this occasion Mr Robinson is correct.Sinn Fein talk the talk but now they must walk the walk.
An act of decommissioning would do Sinn Fein the world of good considering the pressure that has been on them in recent weeks and months.


Hilary for President!

Former US President Bill Clinton today said his wife,Hilary,would make an excellent choice as the first female leader of the USA.

"I don't know if she'll run or not," he said in an interview with Japanese TV,but added,"She would make an excellent president,and I would always try to help her.

"If she did run and she was able to win,she'd make a very,very good president,"Clinton said."I think now she's at least as good as I was."

I'm inclined to agree with Bill on this one.I think Hilary Clinton would make a good US president.She'd certainly be alot better than the current one...


You Gara Love It!

A great day today as Ireland managed to beat England 19-13 at Lansdowne Road.

Man-of-the-match Ronan O'Gara,try scorer Brian O'Driscoll and some great Irish tackling helped Ireland move ever closer to their first Grand Slam since 1948.

The French are the next ones to come to Dublin and hopefully we can beat them although it won't be easy.

In other news,Irish international Damien Duff picked up a Carling Cup winners medal as Chelsea beat Liverpool,making it a great day for Irish sport!


Why Pencils Have Erasers...

On Wednesday,February 25,I posted that Hugh Orde had announced the closure of Guildford Barracks in Belfast.This information was incorrect.I meant to say that Girdwood barracks were closing.The link I gave on my post said Girdwood barracks so it was a foolish mistake on my part.Even the best of us make mistakes,so I apologise for my error.

I learned of my error over on this thread on Slugger O'Toole.I'm saddened that the individual who pointed out my error felt the need to gloat about it as well...

Saturday, February 26, 2005


How Are You, Alice?

Why don't you talk to Alice?She is quite the conversationalist!

You can find her site here.


The Enemy

"To break the connection with England, the never failing source of all our political evils, and to assert the independence,of my country - these were my objectives.To unite the whole people of Ireland, to abolish the memory of all past dissentions, and to substitute the common name of Irishman in place of the denominations of Catholic,Protestant and Dissenter - these were my means." - Wolfe Tone.

Great words from one of the greatest Irishmen of all time.The English are Ireland's old enemy and hopefully Ireland can get the win against the Sasanach tomorrow at Lansdowne Road!


Boost for Bertie

A new opinion poll has shown a significant improvement in ratings for the Government,the Taoiseach and Fianna Fail.

The Millward Brown/IMS poll,which is published in today's Irish Independent,gives the Government parties an eight-point lead over a possible coalition of Fine Gael,Labour and the Greens.Government satisfaction is up 6 points at 51%.

The ratings for the parties show:

The ratings for the leaders show:

I agree with Richard Delevan's assessment that these results are due to the strong performance of the economy.As Bill Clinton famously said,"It's the economy,stupid." Fine Gael and Labour still have alot of work to do...


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Michael McDowell:I applaud the Minister for Justice for confirming what many of us already suspected - that Adams,McGuiness and Ferris sit on the IRA's Army Council.He deserves praise for his no-nonsense approach to Sinn Fein/IRA criminality.

Villain of the Week: The Queen:She won't even attend her own son's wedding!This woman has no character!

Funniest Moment of the Week: Royalist Reaction in Britain:"The Queen's decision is not a snub!Honest!" That is the gist of the reaction by the monarchist muppets in Britain.It seems even the Queen has become tired of the soap opera farce that the monarchy embodies!

Dunce of the Week: President McAleese:This week,she cancelled a visit to the Shankill Road in Belfast due to some unionist opposition.What a fool.

Celebrity of the Week: Bruce Willis:I see there are plans to make another Die Hard movie - Die Hard 4.0.Great news!

Quote of the Week: "We're talking about Martin McGuinness.We're talking about Gerry Adams.We're talking about Martin Ferris,yes.And others." - Michael McDowell,speaking about Sinn Fein members on the IRA's Army Council.

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Friday, February 25, 2005


No more Brown-nosing for Brownie

I am encouraged by the news of a poll in the Irish Independent which shows a collapse in support for Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams here in the Republic.Richard Delevan over at his site does a good job in pointing out the key findings of the report:

I must say I am very heartened at these findings and I salute my compatriots for finally coming to the conclusion that Sinn Fein are a waste of space.It proves that,aside from a small minority of Provo sympathiers,the Irish people are aware that Adams,McGuinness and company have been talking pure shite these last few weeks.


Now I Get It!

Well,Ireland's big rugby match against the English takes place this weekend.There are alot of question marks about England right now but surely the biggest question relates to their shirts.
Just what does that logo on the shirt stand for?

All is revealed here.


Give Me a Break

I've read in the Irish Independent that TDs will shortly set off on a prolonged 33-day St Patrick's Week and Easter Break - interrupted only by three days of sittings in the week beginning March 22.And they are only back from their Christmas break since the last week in January.

Some people feel politicians have it pretty tough.My arse!It's great work if you can get it!
Not only can you double your salary through claims for tax-free expenses,but you can have longer breaks than most schoolchildren.

Shower of gangsters!


Fun Irelander Feature-Smackdown in Town!

Well,those of you who are fans of wrestling like me(those of you with good taste,in other words)will be aware that the WWE are coming to Britain and Ireland in April,and I am planning on scoring tickets for the big event.Wrestlers from Smackdown will be heading to the Point Theatre in Dublin and hopefully myself and some friends of mine will be able to see the big show!

It won't be easy to get tickets.WWE is massively popular in Ireland and tickets will sell fast.Hopefully I'll manage to get some,though.

If ya smell what I'm cookin!


Friday Fun's Fascinating Fact

A 100-pound person on earth would weigh 38 pounds on Mars.

Now you know why the Yanks are so keen on getting to Mars...


Who Are Ya?

Well it's Friday,which means it's time for Friday Fun,the day United Irelander places more of an emphasis on fun posts and topics.

I couldn't think of a better way to kick things off than to direct you to this fun site which asks you to pretend to be a dictator or a sitcom character and tries to figure out who you are!
It did figure out who I was the first couple of times!

You can find the site here.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


No Expense Spared!

The front page of today's Irish Independent detailed how some deputies and senators have been doubling their salaries through claims for tax-free expenses.
In all the state paid out tax free sums of €11.5m last year to pay their expense bills - in addition to their salaries.

Waterford Fine Gael TD John Deasy topped the list with €110,091 in expenses which is almost four times the €29,193 average industrial wage.

Shower of gangsters!


Hot Air?

As I read the Irish Independent today,I was surprised to hear of plans to build a giant €1m helium-filled balloon that will be permanently anchored 150 metres above Dublin city centre and which will carry up to 60 people at a time.
It will be anchored to the ground by two-inch thick steel cables and it will be 30 metres taller than the Spire.

Charges for a trip over the city are expected to be in the region of €12 to €19 for adults and half that charge for children.

"It's totally safe," said Dermot McLaughlin,chief executive of Temple Bar Properties,the company behind the plan.

It better be safe and those cables better hold!As I read about this,it dawned on me - just how dangerous would that bloody Spire be if that balloon ever got loose?!


Paisley to Defend Seat

I see the DUP leader Ian Paisley had decided to defend his North Antrim in the upcoming Westminster election.

The unionists who vote for this bigot should be ashamed of themselves and it's a disgrace that this man has represented North Antrim for 35 years.A sad indication of the sectarianism that still exists within unionism.

Paisley went on to tell reporters: "Ulster is ours and will remain ours."

I take it he is referring to the Irish people?After all,Ulster is a nine-county province of Ireland...


Thursday Thoughts:Repartition

The idea of Ireland's north being repartitioned is something that pops up every once in a while.It is fair to classify it a unionist argument rather than a nationalist one,indeed loyalist groups have been known to favour repartition and the creation of an ethnically pure four county NI.

Needless to say,I completely oppose the idea of repartition.If another NI state was to be created that had a unionist majority,it would make the idea of a reunified Ireland pretty much impossible.I feel that as time goes by,unionists will look at the idea of repartition in more detail but the response of Irish nationalism must be quite clear - no way!

As far as I'm concerned,the only repartition of the border will be the permanent removal of the border and the establishment of a United Ireland.Unionists and loyalists must always be made aware of that.


Toilet Humour

I see doktormoog is back with his own unique take on contemporary affairs.

You can view it


Do Unionists Want Direct Rule?

There's a good article in The Blanket by Dr John Coulter who maintains that there is a faction within unionism which would not weep if Stormont eventually collapses as they could then return to the 'gud auld' days of Direct Rule.

You can read the article in its entirety here.


Is the Future Bright?

I see the Netherlands is to hold its referendum on the EU constitution on June 1.It will be the first referendum held in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is expected to be one of the few countries where the public vote may go against the constitution.

I truly hope that the Dutch,unlike the Spaniards,reject this terrible constitution.I am worried though about the stance of the Dutch government who have said they will abide by the outcome of the non-binding referendum if the results are clear.If the results are clear?What does that mean?Might the Dutch be faced with the same situation as the Irish and be ordered to vote again?
If there will be a United States of Europe,democracy certainly won't be its strong point...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


More Please!

PSNI chief constable Hugh Orde has announced the closure of Guildford Barracks,a major British Army base in Belfast.As well as that,an observation post also in the north of the city,is to be demolished.

This is great news.In Ireland's north,British Army bases are a disgusting blot on the landscape and the more barracks that close,the better.


The Real IRA?

I see Minister for Defense Willie O'Dea has attacked the IRA over its use of the term "Oglaigh na hEireann".

Speaking at the opening of the new museum and privates' mess at Collins Barracks in Cork,Minister O'Dea said: "There is only one Oglaigh na hEireann-it is the Irish Defense Forces.

"The attempted appropriation of this noble and historic title is an insult to the memory of those who,like General Michael Collins,strove for Irish freedom."

I agree with Minister O'Dea.It is insulting.Then again,what do you expect from the Provos?They do not care one iota for the Irish state.Never have,never will.


'What If'?Wednesday-Sinn Fein Abandoned

What if nationalist voters turned away from Sinn Fein and started to back the SDLP?Well,I believe the effect would be thus:

With all this to gain,why on earth are nationalists continuing to vote for terrorists and their proxies?


The Queen Has No Character!

"I care not what others think of what I do,but I care very much about what I think of what I do!That is character!" - Theodore Roosevelt

I agree with Theodore Roosevelt's assessment of character.I also believe in light of recent events that Britain's head of state is certainly lacking in it.


A Royal Snub

I see that Buckingham Palace has said the decision by the Queen to miss the civil marriage ceremony of her son and his bride "is not a snub" and was because "the prince and Mrs Parker Bowles wanted to keep the occasion low key".

Yeah right!If you believe that,you'll believe anything!Sadly,there are some royalists who will actually believe these lies.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Well Done,Slugger!

I'm glad to see that Mick Fealty over at Slugger O'Toole has decided enough is enough and has banned a notable 'party aparatchik' for abusive comments.I applaud this decision and I believe it will do much to improve the quality of his site.


Queen Snubs Charles' Wedding

It seems the Queen has snubbed Charles and Camilla's Wedding.

Would the ceremony be too common for her liking?How sad.


Top Ten Tuesday-Irish Things

It's a good thing to be patriotic about one's country.I love Ireland and I love being Irish and I will now list what I believe to be the top ten things about Irishness.So without further ado:

1.Our history - After everyting we've been through,we survived.
2.Our culture - It is unique and world-renowned.
3.Contribution to the world - We've had figures who made a big impact.
4.Proud of our people - We like to see our people do well,at home and abroad
5.Influence on other nations - America,Australia,Britain,Canada,etc.
6.Friendly people - For the most part,we're a friendly and humorous sort
7.Irish scenery - We are home to some truly beautiful scenery
8.Our colours - Our national colours are beautiful and impressive
9.St.Patrick's Day - Celebrated all over the world
10.Dublin - Ireland is home to the greatest city on earth!

So those are my choices.Feel free to comment on them or to offer your own opinions.


Sanctions 'Out of Order' - Sinn Fein

Following on from my previous post,Sinn Fein have stated that sanctions are 'out of order'.

Alex Maskey went on to say that: "Paul Murphy has no right to discriminate against democratically-elected Irish politicians."

If you want to read more of Alex Maskey talking out of his arse,see here.


Murphy Announces Sanctions

As expected,Secretary of State Paul Murphy has announced financial sanctions against Sinn Fein following the Northern Bank raid.

I wonder what Sinn Fein will make of all this?The phrase,"laughing all the way to the bank", springs to mind.


Parades Commission to Tackle 'Hangers-on'

The British government has announced legal changes to allow the North's Parade's Commission jurisdiction over "hangers-on" at Orange Order matches.

The new laws will allow the commission to make orders governing the activities of parade supporters.

This decision by the British government is a welcome one.It is time the loyalist thugs who are so prevalent in Orange Order marches were dealt with.I just wonder if these measures will end up affecting a sizeable number of Orange Order members...


Fine Gael and Labour Make Pact

Fine Gael and Labour are set to announce a voting pact for the upcoming by-elections in Meath and Kildare North.

Their pact is being interpreted as a sign they are making plans for a joint programme for Government ahead of the next general election.

This is good news for the people of Ireland.It is time Ireland had another form of government.One without sleaze and corruption...

Monday, February 21, 2005


Quiet Day Today...

As you can see,I have written my posts for Monday in the early hours.This is because I will be very busy today and will most likely not be able to make any posts,so you will have to amuse yourselves!


Taboo Topics

I see Martin McGuinness is none too pleased at the allegations put forward by Justice Minister Michael McDowell that he is on the Army Council.I guess that's a taboo subject for Marty.
Here's five things you should never mention to Martin:


Spanish Sell-Out

So it seems the Spanish have decided to sell-out and embrace the idea of a European Superstate. How disappointing!

Apparently,77% of voters backed the charter.

The situation is thus:

European Nationalism 1
National Sovereignty 0

It's not over yet though...


Time For an All-Ireland Police Force

Hearing Hugh Orde speak about the "seamless" cooperation between the Gardai and the PSNI, not to mention the recent move to allow police officers from the Republic to serve in the North,I think it is time we in Ireland had an all-Ireland police force.

Criminals need to be tackled by a united force.Let's see it happen.


Monday Madness-Mary McAleese

I'm fast losing respect for President McAleese,I really am.

It was bad enough that she gave in to the unionist hypocrites by apologising over her comments about the prejudice and hatred Protestants felt for Catholics,but she has now decided to cancel a visit to the Shankill Road in Belfast this week.

It is truly a sorry sight to see this island's President fawning over unionists like some desperate puppy.Where the hell are the calls for David Trimble or Ian Paisley to apologise over their disgusting remarks about my state?Oh,the unionists aren't happy with the President even after the apology they received?Well,Boohoo!Someone organise them a telethon!

McAleese should never have apologised.She has shown how weak she really is and made herself into a laughing stock.

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Sunday Scrutiny-Enda Kenny

I see that today Enda Kenny has said that the middle ground needs to be brought back into the peace process.Last week,when commenting on the discovery of Sinn Fein/IRA's money-laundering operation,he asked "what the hell" was going on.Some would ask the same thing when questioning his own leadership record.After all,has Kenny proved to the public that he is worthy enough of running the country?

In my opinion Kenny still has alot to prove to the Irish people.He seems willing enough to enter into a coalition with Labour and it is time the two parties showed a more united front.
The success of Fine Gael in the European and Local elections in 2004 has given the party something to build on,however recent opinion polls have shown strong support for Bertie and his cronies.

Ultimately,I feel Kenny would be a more suitable leader of Ireland than Bertie and the other gangsters,however Kenny must continue to reach out to the Irish people and put forward his proposals.This country needs an alternative.


Bertie Backs Down

The Taoiseach,Bertie Ahern,has said he does not know who the members of the IRA Army Council are.

His comments follow claims made today by Dermot Ahern and Michael McDowell that Martin McGuinness,Gerry Adams and Martin Ferris are members of the Army Council.

Bertie has shown again how spineless he really is.Ahern knows damn well that those three men are on the Council and by playing dumb he is playing into the hands of Sinn Fein/IRA's martyr fantasies.Ahern needs to cop on and realise that Sinn Fein doesn't give a damn about this peace process.


Adams and Ferris on IRA's Army Council-McDowell

Justice Minister Michael McDowell has accused Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams and Martin Ferris of being members of the IRA's Army Council.
He went on to claim that there were seven members of the council.

This story is being covered in detail by Richard Delevan over at his site and he has been updating the story throughout the afternoon.

I applaud the Minister for his remarks and I wonder how the naive,idiotic Sinn Fein supporters,who defend their precious party so vigorously,will defend them now?


Fantastic News on Policing

A ground-breaking agreement clearing the way for police officers from the Republic of Ireland to serve in Northern Ireland is to be signed tomorrow,it was revealed today.

Under the agreement,officers from Northern Ireland will also be seconded to the Republic.

PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde and Noel Conroy,Commissioner of the Garda Siochana will sign unique joint protocols which allow personnel exchanges and secondments between the forces.The signing,at Hillsborough Castle in Co Down,will be attended by the Northern Ireland Secretary of State Paul Murphy and Justice Minister Michael McDowell.

I am delighted at this news and I can only hope that it will pave the way for an all-Ireland police force.


Cork Scientists Create Atkins-Friendly Stout

Scientists at University College Cork have created a slimline Atkins-friendly stout with 60% fewer carbohydrates and a quarter fewer calories than a regular stout.

Its inventors claim the lighter pint has the same consistency,taste and texture to its full bodied equivalent and it will be presented at a food industry showcase next month.

Surely scientists should spend their time trying to better mankind in some way?In what possible sense does this "invention" do that?Has the world become a better place because of an Atkins-friendly stout?All those years spent getting that degree to do pointless studies like this.Shame.


Does Harney Have a Conscience or Not?

It's been reported today that the Department of Health has been advised it can refuse to refund illegal nursing home charges,paid before 1999.
Last week,the Supreme Court ruled that docking nursing home patient's pensions for their care was illegal and that refunds,worth up to €2bn,would have to be paid back.

However lawyers have told Health Minister,Mary Harney,that she can invoke the statute of limitations,meaning claims more than six years old can be thrown out.This would reduce the Government's liability to €500m.

There has been no comment yet from the Governemnt on whether they will use this opportunity.

My cynicical views on politicans have been well documented on this site before and I feel it is only a matter of time before Harney takes this opportunity,even though morally it can't be justified.Prove me wrong,Harney!


Ahern's Hollow Warning

The Minister for Foreign Affairs,Dermot Ahern,has said robbery and money-laundering are not what people voted for in the Good Friday Agreement.
He has warned Sinn Fein to make a dramatic turnaround,saying it must act explicitly to end criminality in the Provisional IRA.

Minister Ahern says recent events "demonstrate beyond the slightest doubt that",that the Government was correct in its judgment of the IRA.

The language of the Government indicates to me that Sinn Fein are going to yet again get away with their criminality scot-free. Does the Minister really think Sinn Fein give a damn what the Irish Government think?It is quite clear that they don't even acknowledge the Government as the true legitimate government of the Irish people.The harassment of those nationalists who witnesed the murder of Robert McCartney also proves that they have no problem in using intimidation on their own people.
Justice Minister Michael McDowell has recently labelled Sinn Fein a "colossal crime machine", so why are they being given the benefit of doubt one more time?They've had too many chances.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Slap on the Wrist for Orangemen

I see that today the Orange Order took part in an illegal parade which had not been sanctioned by the Parades Commission.

The Police Service said in the absence of a ruling from the Parades Commission giving the go ahead those taking part were acting illegally and were given two warnings.
"Evidence was gathered and the matter will be forwarded to the DPP," said a police spokesman.

What a joke!Why the hell were they let off the hook with two warnings?The leaders who arranged that parade should've been arrested straight away.I guess when it comes to Ireland's north,the Orange Order are above the law.Pathetic.


PSNI Confirms Discovery of Northern Bank Notes

The PSNI have confirmed that they have recovered £50,000 in new notes,which were stolen from the Northern Bank last December.The money was found in a leisure complex building,used by serving and retired PSNI officers on the outskirts of Belfast.

The PSNI say the planting of the money is a deliberate attempt to divert attention from the money laundering investigation taking place elsewhere.

According to RTE news,tests on the £60,000 seized at a house at Douglas in Cork City will confirm that it came from the Northern Bank raid.

I would like to wish the Gardai and the PSNI good luck in their efforts to bring the criminals of Sinn Fein/IRA to justice.


An Army of Evil

Here is an excerpt of the Proclamation of the Republic that was read by Padraig Pearse on the steps of the GPO:

"We place the cause of the Irish Republic under the protection of the Most High God.Whose blessing we invoke upon our arms,and we pray that no one who serves that cause will dishonour it by cowardice,inhumanity or rapine."

The key word to focus on there is "inhumanity" because I'd like you now to read this article in the Irish Examiner by Noel Whelan which goes into frightening detail about the horrific events involved in the murder of 33-year-old father of two Robert McCartney.

As I have said before,nationalists who support Sinn Fein should be ashamed of themselves.Sinn Fein are a disgrace to the Irish nation and they are not republicans,they are fascists.


Not Republicans But Fascists

There's a very good article in the Irish Examiner by Ryle Dwyer who labels Sinn Fein as fascists and states they don't know the true meaning of republicanism.

"They don't even know the meaning of republicanism and it is time we labelled them for what they are - fascists.The current crop are just a couple of generations removed from their predecessors who invited the Nazis to invade Donegal in 1940."

It's a good article and I don't disagree with Mr.Dwyer's views.


The Rallying Cry of the Weasel

I see that Sinn Fein is organising a series of rallies across the North to oppose what the party has described as attempts to criminalise it.
This afternoon,thousands of letters from SF president Gerry Adams were circulated in nationalist areas of Belfast and elsewhere inviting people to the rallies.

In the letters it is claimed that opponents of Sinn Fein are seeking to roll back republican advances.

The Belfast rally on Monday night will be held at a city centre hotel and will be addressed by Martin McGuinness.

Stunts like this make me sick to my stomach and shame on those nationalists who turn up to these rallies.The Sinn Fein leadership have been involved in the Northern Bank theft,they have protected the killers of Robert McCartney,they have laundered more than €200m in the past ten years and they have been dealing with criminal gangs in Dublin and Limerick.
If nationalists turn out in support of these thugs then they are a disgrace.


Adams Continues To Talk Out Of His Arse

When you're leader of a party that has been exposed as being up to its knees in deception and criminality,what do you do?Well,if you're Gerry Adams,you continue insulting the intelligence of the Irish people and you crank up the bullshit.

Adams today spoke out against those who have criticised his party and insisted there was no crisis in republicanism.

"If you want to get to the nub of the current controversy and crisis,it isn't a crisis within republicanism,it's a crisis of confidence among the conservative parties and it's a crisis more importantly of the peace process."

Sure Gerry,whatever you say.The sad thing is,there are actually morons on this island who will believe this man,Ireland's answer to Comical Ali...


Saturday Survey

Heroes of the Week: Gardai:Even unionists have been quick to praise the actions of the Republic's police force who have done a fantastic job in uncovering the lies and criminality associated with the Sinn Fein leadership.They have done the country proud and have protected and served the people the way a police force should.Well done to them.

Villains of the Week: Sinn Fein: They have been exposed as nothing more than liars and criminals and their foolish supporters will hopefully now acknowledge what the rest of the island have been saying all along- that they are hurting the peace process.

Funniest Moment of the Week: Bertie Getting Tough on Touts:I found it hilarious to hear that the Taoiseach feels tackling touts to be an important matter for a Prime Minister to deal with.Crazy!

Dunce of the Week: Pierce Brosnan:Doh!He priced himself out of the next Bond film by demanding £30m to reprise his role.Not very suave,Pierce!

Celebrity of the Week: Norman Wisdom:The legendary funnyman turned ninety yesterday.It's great to see him still going strong after all this time.

Quote of the Week: "Maybe I'm wrong,but I believe them." - Gerry Adams,commenting on his feelings about the IRA's denial of involvement in the Northern Bank raid.Adams can't be trusted!

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Friday, February 18, 2005


Happy Birthday Norman!

I see that it is Norman Wisdom's 90th birthday today.

Norman,or should I say Sir Norman,announced he was going to retire last year after his 90th birthday on February 4.

When I was growing up I often watched Norman Wisdom's films with my father and I am a big admirer of his work.He is a great ambassador for Britain and British comedy and his films are timeless classics.He has lived to a fine age and he deserves to enjoy his retirement.A great man.


Bigots Won't Be Marching After All...

I am delighted to hear that the Orange Order will not be taking up an invitation to participate in Cork's St.Patrick's Day Parade this year.
Members of the order who had planned to make the trip to Cork along with their families have said they fear for their safety if they parade through the streets of Cork.

The order blamed Sinn Fein for mounting a "vociferous and misleading" campaign in relation to the proposed visit.

It was disgraceful that an invitation was extended to this cult of hate in the first place.The very idea that such xenophobic,bigoted individuals would be allowed to march down a street in the Irish Republic after everything these thugs have put northern nationalists through in the past,was absolutely outrageous.
The Orange Order is a despicable organisation.Disband it!


Friday Fun-News in Brief

This week while in Spain,Gerry Adams suggested an Irish priest should mediate in the Spanish government's conflict with Basque terrorists.

Um,why exactly?More to the point,what priest would want that job?It reminds me of that Father Ted episode where Bishop Brennan threatens to send Ted somewhere in South America,to mediate between two local tribes.I don't think there'd be many takers for this job!

A leading astrophysicist has said that the universe is 'like a bottle of champagne'.
Professor Leonard Susskind,from Stanford University in California,believes that at the moment of creation the cork popped-and everything around us,the planets,stars and galaxies,is contained in one of a myriad bubbles.

Well,what do you know?The alcoholics were right all along.Life's problems can be solved through the bottle!


Friday Fun's Fascinating Fact

It takes 17 muscles to smile,43 to frown.

Scientists expressly thanked Ulster Unionist Michael McGimpsey for helping them with their study and praised the strength of his facial muscles.(Note-may not be true)


Fun Irelander Feature-Charity Workers

I'm getting really sick and tired of these feckin' charity workers coming up to me every single day and asking if they can have a word with me.It's a sad state of affairs when a man can't even walk around his own city without being confronted by these people.
I've noticed they seem to have made their base outside the GPO.I'm sick of having to push my way past these people to get to my destination.

The situation was the same today and I also had to put up with some guy who asked me if I was into Yoga and when I told him I was not,I was asked if I was interested in science!
What is going on?!

I just want to be able to walk around my city without being harassed.Is that too much to ask?!


Details Emerge...

The Evening Herald's Mick McCaffrey and Isabel Hurley today gave a very thorough account of the extent of Sinn Fein/IRA's money-laundering operation which involved the IRA shipping dirty money into the Republic,smuggling it out of the country to buy cigarettes,selling the goods here and then pumping the cash into pubs and property in Ireland and Sweden.
Apparently Sinn Fein members regularly travelled to Eastern Europe to clinch the cigarette deals.The Provos were on the verge of laundering much of the Northern Bank cash when the CAB(Criminal Assets Bureau) struck yesterday at lunchtime.It was also revealed that:

The operation has been covert for many months and involved officers,led by Deputy Commissioner Fachtna Murphy,Asst Commissioner Tony Hickey and Det Chief Supt Felix McKenna of the CAB.There has been cooperation with the PSNI.

The article states that "Sinn Fein's so-called anti-crime stance is a sham" and that "party members have been using major criminal gangs in Dublin and Limerick to launder a trail of dirty money".

Sinn Fein's credibility is lost and hopefully their vote will be damaged considerably.



'YOU LIAR!'-That was the headline of today's Evening Herald newspaper directed at Gerry Adams and the paper really laid into Sinn Fein,pulling no punches.

Journalist Tom Cooney wrote and interesting piece on Sinn Fein.Here's an excerpt:

"It was a telling moment on RTE's Prime Time last night to hear presenter Mark Little report that Sinn Fein declined to assign a spokesman to appear on the current affairs programme.The republican movement clearly knows that it cannot defend the indefensible both in regard to the Northern Bank robbery and the murder of Belfast man Robert McCartney.

Sinn Fein's empty studio chair was more eloquent than any of their weasel soundbites,and this absence contrasted with the sincere congratulations offered to the Government and the gardai by none other than Ian Paisley Junior."

Cooney finishes by saying that "Sinn Fein will pay a heavy price f0r their duplicity in both the Westminster elections and in the by-elections in Meath and Kildare North".

I can't argue with Cooney's views.I think Sinn Fein have been dealt a severe blow and I don't think they can wriggle their way out of this situation.


Work Stress?Try This...

On Fridays,the daily feature I use is called Friday Fun because I don't like to depress people before the weekend.However,I know that as the weekend approaches,it's very easy to get stressed out and many of you probably have bosses that drive you up the wall!

If so,then you need to take a look at this.

I bet you're in a good mood for the weekend now!

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Pray for Slugger...

The decline of Slugger O'Toole is very sad to see.The Republican apologists seem to have truly infested the site and it's such a shame to have such well-written and thought-provoking posts become poisoned and corrupted by ignorant,stupid Republican robots who refuse to criticise Adams and co. in any shape or form.

For evidence of this,take a look at this sorry thread here.

It's Alice in Wonderland nonsense.Slugger deserves better...


Sinn Fein's Shame

I have just heard on RTE that one of the men arrested today by the Gardai was a former elected representative of Sinn Fein who would be "well known" and is is apparently "self-employed".

Never a dull moment in Irish politics and things are set to get very interesting!


Arrests in Cork and Dublin in NI Bank Raid Probe

Seven people have been arrested today in Cork and Dublin as part of an investigation into the multi-million pound robbery at the Northern Bank in Belfast.

Earlier Gardai recovered a reported £2m in the Cork raid and in the other raid in Dublin they recovered £60,000.

RTE reports that a former Sinn Fein elected representative is among those arrested.

I can't wait for Sinn Fein's response to this...


Thursday Thoughts:European Nationalism

I oppose European Nationalists.I know that there are people in various European countries who would love to see a European Superstate but it is not something I can agree with.
I am an Irish nationalist and what I desire more than anything is to see my island nation reunited at last.Do I believe that this could be done within the confines of a European nation?No.

If history has taught us anything it is that we Irish cannot rely on outside interference to sort out our problems.We couldn't rely on French or Spanish assistance to achieve our political aims,nor could the really desperate elements of Ireland rely on Nazi Germany(thankfully).
Why then do some people believe that we can rely on Europe?We cannot.

I look on the Republic as an incomplete entity.The aspiration of Irish unity should be completed before we open our arms to other nations.France,Germany and others are complete nations.Ireland is not.The Irish Government,in its attempts to get a Yes vote in the referendum on the EU constitution,is ignoring the goal that Ireland must accomplish-reunification.

The moves that are being undertaken by the Irish Government are moves that we as Irish people are not yet ready for.Irish people do not belong in a United States of Europe;they belong in a United State of Ireland.


The Money is not Enough

It seems that the real reason Pierce Brosnan won't be appearing in the next James Bond film is because he was after too much money!

According to the Hollywood Digest,Variety,Brosnan demanded about £30m to make his fifth Bond film. Actors now tipped to play Bond in the next film include Clive Owen,Jude Law and Colin Farrell.

It's a shame about Pierce but I hope that Colin Farrell,another Irishman,gets to play Bond.
Perhaps they could change the dialogue around to make it suit Colin?

Lady:What will it be Mr.Bond?
Bond:Yeah,I'll have a pint of Guinness there love.Here,I'm looking for this oul'fella called Blofeld.Do you know where he is,darling?I'm looking to kick the ****ing shite out of him.

It would be a great idea!Hey,it couldn't be any worse than Alexander...


No Way Jose!

I see that Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has today predicted that European countries will eventually close their embassies and allow the EU to promote a unified foreign policy if member states approve the proposed constitution.

"We will undoubtedly see European embassies in the world,not ones from each country,with European diplomats and a European Foreign Service," Zapatero said in Madrid.

Meanwhile,Spaniards are to vote on the EU constitution on Sunday,the first time any Europeans will vote on the charter.A yes vote is expected.

The comments of Zapatero are indicative of why I oppose the European Union so much.The EU are paving the way for a European Superstate and they seek to erode the hallmarks of each nation,in this case by a unified foreign policy.
I am saddened that a yes vote is expected in Spain but if the Spanish desire a European Superstate,and it seems their Prime Minister does,then that is their business.
This is one Irishman that does not and I hope my compatriots give a resounding NO to the EU constitution,the greatest ever threat to Ireland's sovereignty.


Brits Didn't Cooperate-Oireachtas

The Oireachtas sub-committee investigating loyalist attacks in the Republic in the 1970s has condemned a lack of cooperation from the British authorities.

The condemnation is contained in a report published last night by the committee following hearings into two bombings that killed three people in Dublin in late 1972 and early 1973.
The report accused Britain of breaching its commitments under the Good Friday Agreement by failing to cooperate with investigations into the bombings and other loyalist attacks.

It also recommended that the Irish Government should take its case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg if the British fail to hold an inquiry into the atrocities.

I back the committee's views and it is high time that the British government delved into its murky past and exposed the truth in its dealings with loyalist paramilitaries.
Hopefully the British will do the right thing and hold an inquiry but if not,then the Irish Government must take the British to Court as the committee recommended.
Justice must be done.


Trimble Talks Tough

UUP leader David Trimble is due to meet Irish Government officials today and is expected to seek support for his proposal that Sinn Fein be excluded from politics in the North as punishment for alleged IRA involvement in the Northern Bank raid.

He has called on the British government to recall the Northern Assembly so MLAs can vote on a motion to exclude Sinn Fein from the body and he said if this was not successful,London should use powers it granted itself two years ago to throw Sinn Fein out.

Trimble can talk tough all he wants but I find it hard to believe that he would hold these views if he were leader of the largest unionist party in Ireland's north.Trimble's all talk!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Oh Brother...

Auditions are taking place today in Dublin for the new series of the UK's Big Brother.
Producers will be scouring queues at the Royal Dublin Society for an Irish person for the sixth series of the show.
The Dublin audition is one of seven open interviews being held across Britain and Ireland and the applicants must be over 18.All that is required is for the hopefuls to turn up at an audition and show Big Brother why they should be chosen to take part.

I honestly have no idea why anyone would subject themselves to this.Even if you win the competition,what then?In a week you are forgotten about and you will be forever known as "That one from Big Brother".No doubt we will get some Plastic Paddy banging on about Oirland at every opportunity in the hope that the Irish vote will win the competition.Yawn.

Needless to say I won't be auditioning myself!


'What If'?Wednesday-Yes to EU Constitution

For this week's edition of What If? Wednesday I would like to talk about an issue that is very important to me-What if the Irish people support the proposed EU constitution?

It is my opinion that if the EU constitution attains majority support in Ireland,that it will deal a catastrophic blow to the sovereignty of the Irish nation and people and will set us on the road to an EU superstate.I oppose such measures vehemently.I posted on this issue before where I cited an excellent article by Ronan Mullen in the Irish Examiner,(who I admire alot) who did a great job in highlighting the danger of this constitution.Let me reiterate the points mentioned:

As Mullen pointed out: "Some say this will give the French and the Germans enormous clout, since they have 40% of the EU population between them.Given their economic and political influence,won't they be able to find another 13 countries with 25% of the EU population between them?Will the likes of Poland,Malta,Luxembourg and Cyprus put up that much of a fight?"Mullen went on to highlight other dangerous features of this constitution:

The Irish Government has effectively negotiated away our sovereignty and it is up to all Irish people to reject this constitution in order to rescue it.If we do not,we will lose everything that we have gained.It is imperative,absolutely imperative,that the Irish people vote NO to this shameful and despicable constitution.


GAA Pass Motion to Debate Rule 42

The GAA's annual congress will debate the issue of opening Croke Park to football and rugby.
The GAA's Motion's Committee,chaired by the Association President Sean Kelly,met yesterday in Dublin and it's believed at least some of the re-submitted Rule 42 motions were passed for debate at April's Congress.
The committee's decision will be officially annnounced today.

This means the membership can still make the decision to open up Croke Park to rugby and soccer.

I think this is good news.Personally,I am all for opening Croke Park to football and rugby.Croke Park is the greatest stadium on the island,as well as one of the best in Europe,and our sporting athletes deserve the opportunity to perform on it.It also makes sense financially for the GAA to agree to these proposals.
Let's see it happen!


How to Dismantle an Incompetent Dail?

I had to laugh when I heard that Bertie Ahern has today vowed to review laws relating to ticket-touting in Ireland in an effort to prevent sports fans and concert goers from being ripped off.
The Taoiseach was responding to Dail questions from Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny about the fact that some tickets-such as those for the upcoming U2 gigs in Croke Park-were being sold for ten times their face value on the black market.

The Taoiseach described the rip-off as a "crazy situation" and said he would look into it.

It seems to me the only "crazy situation" here is that trivial matters like these are being discussed in the Dail.If the proposed EU constitution gets the backing of the Irish people,who knows what Brussels will have these puppets discussing!
Perhaps Enda can try and persuade Bertie to lower the cost of the next Mary Black concert?Nice to know your taxes are being put to good use,eh?

Funnily enough U2 are currently top of the charts with their song,"Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own".No wonder Enda Kenny wants to see U2 at Croker!


Shots Fired at McDowell's Holiday Home

The Opposition have today condemned an incident involving a shot fired at the holiday home of Justice Minister Michael McDowell as "scandalous".
Gardai are investigating after a window in the house near Rooskey,Co Roscommon,was discovered broken and a spent cartridge was found nearby.

The home was the subject of a legal battle after Roscommon County Council refused to extend planning permission for the development.In January the High Court permitted the minister another three months to carry out building works.

"The minister is quite a controversial figure but to threaten his safety and his privacy is a very serious matter,"said Labour's Justice spokesman Joe Costello.

"Whether it is a prank or something more sinister,it is very worrying," he added.

I agree with Mr Costello.Whether you are a fan of Mr McDowell or not,this kind of thing cannot be condoned.It is unacceptable behaviour.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday-Irish Political Figures

This week I decided to name the top ten Irish political figures.In determining my choices,I tried to focus on those individuals who influenced Ireland and Irish people most and who made an impact on the Irish identity.So without further ado:

1.Eamon de Valera
2.Michael Collins
3.Wolfe Tone
4.Robert Emmet
5.Padraig Pearse
6.Charles Stewart Parnell
7.Daniel O'Connell
8.James Connelly
9.Arthur Griffith
10.Countess Markiewicz

So those are my choices.Feel free to offer your own opinions.


Happy St.Patri...Oh No,Wait...

I see that Belfast City Council has voted against providing funding for this year's St.Patrick's Day parade due to unionist opposition.(hat tip to ATW)

Sinn Fein,SDLP and Progressive Unionist Party councillors all supported a request for £30,000 in funding,but it was voted down by unionists who claimed the event was not inclusive enough.

Unionists say organisers failed to do enough to make Protestants welcome.

Bollocks!No doubt they will have no problem whatsoever in supporting requests for funding for the 12th of July celebrations.That is hardly inclusive towards Catholics now,is it?
St.Patrick's Day is supposed to be above the usual nationalist/unionist,Catholic/Protestant crap.
Not this year,I guess.Chalk this one off as a victory for the ignorant...


Idiot SF Supporters Stage Protest

Several hundred Sinn Fein supporters are demonstrating outside British government buildings in Belfast and Derry today in protest at the possibility of sanctions being imposed on Sinn Fein.

What a bunch of morons!If Sinn Fein supporters want to apportion blame,they should take a look in the mirror.Sinn Fein's mandate,as they so often remind us,was given to them by SF supporters and the result is a peace process that is in a state of limbo due to IRA criminality.
Sinn Fein supporters really don't have a clue!


DUP Slams GAA Graffiti in Tyrone

Arlene Foster of the DUP has complained that removing graffiti celebrating Tyrone's victory in the All Ireland football final in 2003 is going to cost £1,000.
She has written to the UK's Department of Regional Development to get the estimate for removing "Welcome Home Sam" signs in the area.

Ms Foster wants the GAA to remove what she calls the "despicable and inconsiderate" signs,claiming it is an unwanted burden on the ordinary,decent taxpayer.

Foster is a fool.If the DUP opposes the Gaelic aspect of Ireland's north,that is their business.
The signs are not "despicable and inconsiderate",they are a celebration of an incredibly significant moment in the sporting history of the county of Tyrone.
Foster should show more sense.

Monday, February 14, 2005


Govt to Blame for House Prices-FG

Fine Gael have attacked the Government over its failure to reign in spiralling house prices.Currently,Irish house prices are rising at more than four times the rate of inflation,with the average price of a house now set at around €250,000,rising to almost €325,000 in Dublin.

"This is the first generation in Ireland since the foundation of the State that young people can no longer look forward to owning their own home,"said FG spokesman Fergus O'Dowd.

House prices these days are an absolute joke.I have relatives who have decided to simply leave Dublin and head for the country to save their money.This Government definitely needs to do more to sort out the current mess and if FG were to make this a priority,I'm sure it would boost their standing with the public.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Did Myers Have a Point?

It has been revealed that Ireland has the highest number of single mothers in Western Europe.

The Conference on Women and the Labour Market in Europe compared data from 14 countries and found that the UK and Ireland have the highest number of single mothers aged between 18 and 35.
The survey also revealed that Ireland has the most generous social welfare payments for single-parent families and the report's author concluded that there was a direct link between the level of social welfare and the incidence of single parenthood.

I did not cover the furore over Kevin Myers and his "bastards" article although Richard Delevan covered it extensively.I personally did not approve of Myer's article,but did he have a point?
This survey does give his views more credibility,I have to say.


Sunday Scrutiny-Prince Charles

I do not like the Royal family.I believe they are a bunch of spongers who delight in taking taxpayer's money in the way their ancestors delighted in taking people's land.
However,I do not mind Prince Charles.I am not a John Bruton-type fan of his,but I respect the man and believe he is a decent person.This week the focus has been on his impending marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles.What do I make of this?

I think it is farcical that some British people feel that a man of Charles' age should be dictated to on who he can or cannot marry.Besides,he is a monarch and can do whatever the hell he wants.If these royalists have a problem with that then they should become republicans!
I am of the opinion that when Bonnie Prince Charlie steps up to become head honcho in the archaic monarchist system that British people will realise it is time for something more modern such as a republic.A monarchy in the 21st century is ludicrous.

What's on the horizon for the monarchist system itself?Wedding bells or death knells?
We can only wait and see but I wish Charles well with his marriage.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Tony Blair:He did a great thing for members of the Conlon and Maguire families by apologising for their wrongful imprisonment over the IRA bombings in Guildford and Woolwich in 1974.

Vilain of the Week: Gerry Adams:He continued playing the martyr role he loves so well, challenging the Taoiseach to have him arrested and telling Ahern to "shut up or put up".
Sinn Fein's attitude and demeanour has been disgraceful and they must think the people of this island are idiots.

Funniest Moment of the Week: McGuinness on Questions and Answers:Mitchel McLaughlin had a bit of a disaster on this show a couple of weeks ago and Martin didn't fare much better.He tried to come across as an innocent man fighting a terrible injustice but he ended up coming across as a buffoon.The crowd laughed at him on more than one occasion and why not?His party is a joke.

Dunce of the Week: Sven Goran Eriksson:You won't endear yourselves to the British media by treating friendly matches with contempt and playing players out of position!What a fool!

Celebrity of the Week: Lassie:Didn't you hear?The new Lassie movie is to be set in Ireland!
We're proud to have you here,Lassie.

Quote of the Week: "I am very sorry they were subject to such an ordeal and such an injustice.

"That's why I am making this apology today.They deserve to be completely and publicly exonerated." - Tony Blair

Fine words from a fine man.

United Irelander's Busiest Day of the Week: Thursday - 90 visits

Friday, February 11, 2005


OO to Desecrate Cork City

The News Letter has reported that the organisers of Cork's St.Patrick's Day festival have invited the Orange Order to march through its city centre on March 17.(hat-tip to ATW)

The Orange Order are said to be "delighted" at the invitation.

I'm sure they are delighted,but I for one am disgusted.The Orange Order,the merry band of bigots who have a ban on Catholics and who clearly hate Catholicism with a passion,are to be allowed waddle down Cork City shoving their triumphalist xenophobia down Irish people's throats?Ridiculous.

We have seen the violence that has occurred at OO marches,for example at Drumcree.The OO is an organisation with prejudice and hatred at its very core.
Allowing these bigots the opportunity to voice their unacceptable hate-filled views is a mistake.

I would urge the people of Cork to protest against this decision.It is their duty as Irish people.


Friday Fun-Bear and Cat

I found a great little game that will put you in a good mood for the weekend!The music is excellent as well.You can find it here.

(Warning-This game is addictive!)


Keane Sets Retirement Date

The living legend that is Roy Keane has declared he will quit football when his current contract with Manchester United expires in 18 months.
This season Keane has been magnificent and has played respected players like Steven Gerrard and Patrick Vieira off the park as he relentlessly tracks down Chelski.
Today,Keane had this to say:

"I feel good-my hip feels good,my left knee was a bit sore but overall I am not too bad.Mentally I am enjoying my football.

"But when I signed my current contract I believed it would be my last playing contract and I still believe that to be the case."

It is hard to picture Manchester United without Keane involved.He is adored down at Old Trafford(more than he is by the Irish fans,unfortunately) and he will go down as one of the all-time greats.His match against Juventus in the Champions League semi-final(which he himself doesn't rate too highly) was,in my view and the view of others such as Sir Alex,a world class performance and one of his greatest ever.
Keane will be missed when he hangs up his boots but hopefully he can steer Ireland to the World Cup in Germany in 2006 and it would be great if he could collect a medal at international level to add to his already impressive collection.


Friday Fun-News in Brief

The European Union's proposed new constitution is set to be launched into space.A copy of the document is being despatched to the International Space Station.

I say send all the bleedin' copies of the document into space with a course set straight for the sun!

I commented a while ago on the efforts by Minister for Arts,Sport and Tourism,John O'Donoghue,to persuade movie moguls to film major movie productions in Ireland.
Well,he's succeeded.Lassie is to be filmed in Ireland!It will be a retelling of Eric Knight's best-selling novel,"Lassie Come Home".

Good old Lassie!She's one Hollywood bitch you can be proud of!


No FF/SDLP Merger-Durkan

Mark Durkan today insisted that now was not the time for a merger between his party and a party in the Republic(hat-tip to The Green Ribbon).
Commenting on the matter,Durkan had this to say:

"I have said before the realignment of politics in the north and the island at large is a matter for the future.

"It is not for now."

Wrong Mark,it is for now!A merger between the SDLP and Fianna Fail would save the SDLP from another demolition job by Sinn Fein.Forget the idea of merging with the Irish Labour party and do the right thing for Irish nationalism by merging with Fianna Fail.Northern nationalists deserve a credible alternative.


Blogs-About Ego?

Over at The Blog and I,Caoimhe touches on a question raised originally at the LoopDiLoop blog,and since alot of visitors to this blog are fellow bloggers,you may find the question interesting and it is this:

'Just how much is your own blog about ego'?

Well I think blogs are an extension of a person's ego.We all want our blogs to be popular,don't we?I think if you have a blog you have to be pretty secure in your opinions since,if you're offering up opinions on a regular basis,you're leaving yourself open to criticism and potentially ridicule!I think my ego kicked in a couple of weeks back as I ended up forgetting the fun aspects of blogging as I tried to get as much visitors to United Irelander as possible.As a result,blogging became like a chore and I gave it up temporarily.
Ultimately,I think it's important to be realistic and keep your ego in check when running a blog!

In summary,I'd like to say my ego is fine but I would like to take this time to offer out the United Irelander Outstanding Journalist Award!
And the winner is-Young Irelander!
My speech?Well this is such an honour!There was tough competition(well,not really)but I feel I am certainly deserving.

Here's to me!


Friday Fun's Fictionary Fight

So Gerry Adams this week told the Taoiseach to "shut up or put up", but the real question is who would win in a fight between these two men?

My money would probably be on...Adams.


Friday Fun's Fascinating Fact

The last US President to not attend college was Harry S. Truman.

Commenting on this,President George W. Bush said this emphasised "the need for Americans to be learnified". (Note-may not be true)

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Question Time Analysis

I thought it was an interesting edition of Question Time in Belfast.The panel included British Secretary of State Paul Murphy,UUP leader David Trimble,the DUP's Jeffrey Donaldson,SDLP leader Mark Durkan and IRA Army Council member and Sinn Fein chief negotiator,Martin McGuinness.

It was certainly a lively programme and was in stark contrast to the drab,dull programmes we're used to on Question Time.David Dimbleby had his hands full as the debate frequently descended into a shouting contest.
My views on the panellists:

I thought Paul Murphy came across able and competent.
I thought Jeffery Donaldson did well and made his points effectively.I didn't agree with him on the matter of Blair's apology to the Guildford Four.
I wasn't too impressed with David Trimble.I thought he was sluggish.
I thought Mark Durkan did OK until he got dragged into a slanging match with McGuinness.By rising to the bait he came across poorly.I thought he did well when speaking about Blair's apology.
I thought McGuinness was out of line by refusing to let Mark Durkan speak and by talking across him and David Dimbleby.However McGuinness has no problems in doing such things and neither will his supporters.He trotted out the usual rhetoric but he did far better than he did the other night on Questions and Answers on RTE.He did better than I expected he would and certainly did better than others in his position would have.(I'm thinking about McLaughlin)

An interesting show but I can't help but feel the people in Britain will have been scratching their heads about the whole thing and I don't think this show was a great advertisement for the peace process!


Thursday Thoughts:Marginalise Sinn Fein

This week I'd like to comment on what to do with Sinn Fein,the republican thugs who are spitting in the face of the people of Ireland with their incessant criminality.
There have been plenty of suggestions on how to deal with Sinn Fein.The DUP were today calling for the three senior members mentioned in the IMC's report to be arrested.
Bertie Ahern and Mark Durkan have said they oppose sanctions.Pat Rabbitte took this line today also.Enda Kenny called on the Criminal Assets Bureau to pursue the proceeds of IRA criminality.The Conservatives meanwhile have called for sanctions.What do I think?

I think sanctions would be unwise.A cautious approach is required by the two governments.Gerry Adams perhaps should be arrested but this would play into his martyr fantasies and would do more damage than good.Sinn Fein's attitude reminds me of a petulant child kicking and screaming until it gets its way.The way to deal with a child like that is for the parent to simply walk away.Eventually the child will realise the tactics of bullying and blackmail do not work.This is what the two governments and the parties must do.

Sinn Fein must be marginalised as much as possible.They should be denied an invite to the White House for St.Patrick's Day.I would like to hear Mr Bush criticise the actions of Sinn Fein,as well!
They should also be denied access to speak to Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern and they should be denied access to offices at Westminster.
Sinn Fein must be marginalised as much as possible so they realise that their actions will not be tolerated by the people or the other parties.Perhaps then their foolish supporters will realise that Sinn Fein are hampering this peace process rather than helping it.

Tonight Gerry Adams told the Taoiseach to "shut up or put up".I say let the bearded baby have his tantrum.The Taoiseach and everyone else in this process should simply walk away from Sinn Fein!


Irish Politics is Flagging...

There was laughter in the Dail today as the Irish tricolour had gone missing.
Mayo TD Michael Ring told the Dail's sittings that the tricolour must be flying on government buildings when the parliament is sitting,but it was nowhere to be seen this morning.

The chamber erupted into laughter when the Fine Gael backbencher blamed the incident on SF's parliamentary leader Caoimghin O'Caolain.

Ceann Comhairle Rory O'Hanlon said he understood there was "a difficulty with the rope to suspend the flag and it was being attended to as a matter of urgency."

I'm sure it did raise a laugh in the Dail.Those politicians are laughing all the way to the bank and at the taxpayer's expense.


Pope Leaves Hospital Today

Pope John Paul will leave hospital today,the Vatican announced.

I wish the Pope a speedy recovery.With all the health problems the man has,his dedication to his work is truly inspirational.Great courage from a great man.


Valentine's Day is Coming!

An Post has reminded anyone sending Valentine's Day Cards to post them by tomorrow to have the cards arrive on time.
In order to ensure delivery on Monday,it said people should post their cards as soon as possible and no later than last post tomorrow.

I'm very concerned at this.I hope all my female admirers are aware of this as they prepare to send me their Valentine's Day cards.Ah,who am I kidding...


Sanctions for SF-IMC

The Independent Monitoring Commission has recommended the imposition of political and financial sanctions against Sinn Fein because of the IRA's involvement in the Northern Bank robbery.

In a report published today the IMC backed the assertion of the PSNI that the IRA carried out the £26.5m raid,as well as other robberies over the year,including the theft of £2m worth of cigarettes in October.
The IMC went on to say that all robberies were authorised by the IRA leadership which,it said,includes senior members of Sinn Fein.

This is some hard-hitting stuff and hopefully the idiotic Sinn Fein supporters,who repeatedly assert that senior figures of Sinn Fein are not members of the IRA,will realise they have been very wrong.I wouldn't bet on it though.The fools are blinded by propaganda and will swallow whatever tripe the SF leadership comes out with in response to this report.


My Predictions-Analysis

Well three out of four was pretty good and I was spot-on about the Welsh scoreline!

Ireland were fantastic against the Portuguese and Duff was great as usual.This win was fantastic and Brian Kerr knows the proper way to use friendlies!I said 2-1 and it was 1-0.

Dear oh dear!NI got beaten at home(as I said)by Canada even though the Canadians had 10 men!Lawrie Sanchez has yet to win a home game.(I believe Ireland are unbeaten in 15 at home)
I said 2-0 to Canada but it was 1-0.

England did not get beaten by the Dutch but I'm sure they'll take a beating from their media.From the comments of the pundits in the Match of the Day studio,it seems it was a diabolical match!England are overrated anyway.I said 2-1 to Holland but it was 0-0.

Wales beat Hungary 2-0.I was spot-on with this prediction and the Welsh got a good victory.

Ireland's performance was the best of the lot,though!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I Don't Give a Dame!

What's all this fuss about Ellen MacArthur?She sailed around the world faster than anybody we're told but from what I hear it wasn't a real circumnavigation!
I'm hearing people calling her a 'hero' and her voyage a 'sporting achievement'.Neither is true!
She is very courageous alright and I admire her efforts but calling her a hero I feel is a bit much.
Also,how is this a sporting achievement?Perhaps if she was racing against somebody but she wasn't.Now she is to be made a Dame also!

Congratulations are of course in order for Ms MacArthur.I am useless around boats so I truly do admire her feat but people need to get things in perspective.From looking at the letters pages on BBC today,it is clear many British people agree with me.



Some quick predictions as I go to spend the evening watching football! I'll say:

Ireland 2 Portugal 1

Northern Ireland 0 Canada 2

England 1 Holland 2

Wales 2 Hungary 0

I'm not great at predictions but as long as I get the first one right I'll be happy!


Who's in the House?Not the TDs Anyway...

I read today in the Evening Herald that TDs have planned a five-week exodus for Easter.

Do these people do any work at all?No wonder the people in this country have such disdain for politicians!Shower of gangsters!


'What If'?Wednesday-UI Football Team

Tonight the Ireland team takes on the mighty Portuguese at Lansdowne Road.The team from the north play the Canadians.Hmm...

While Ireland are playing the best teams the world has to offer as well as sitting nicely on top of its group(which includes Les Bleus),NI are playing an average team,and a good result to NI fans would be to get a draw and if they're really lucky...a goal too!It's sad that the NI team,which has the honour of representing this island,is embarrassing itself and Irish people throughout the island!

What if we had a UI football team?Think of the benefits!The island would be united as we would be a strong team and capable of success.We would be able to build a strong team for the future also.Most importantly the fans in the north would see a team that goes into a game expecting to win!I believe I'm right in saying that George Best himself is an advocate for a UI team.Surely his opinions have to be respected?

A United Ireland team is the way to go.The NI team is an embarrassment and it is not really improving despite what some optimistic NI fans think.Unite the teams!


Tony Blair-British Gentleman

"I am very sorry that they were subject to such an ordeal and injustice"

The words of Tony Blair who today publicly apologised to the Conlon and Maguire families for their wrongful imprisonment over the IRA bombings in Guildford and Woolwich in 1974.
Gerry Conlon praised Mr Blair's "sincere" apology.

"He didn't have to do it and he did it and that is the important thing."

As Mr Conlon said,Tony Blair did not have to apologise but he chose to do which shows you the measure of the man.He has shown that he is a true gentleman.
I completely agree with those who label him the greatest Prime Minister since Gladstone.

I salute the Conlon and Maguire familes too.After all they've had to endure,finally justice has been done.


Three Steps Towards Irish Unity

1.Fianna Fail/SDLP Merger: Sinn Fein stand in the way of Irish reunification and they must be made to play second fiddle once more to the SDLP.In order for this to happen,the SDLP needs to align itself with Fianna Fail and this will,I believe,harm Sinn Fein in the Republic also.

2.Unity with the Border;Unity Without the Border: An Irish Government must then go about taking steps to make Ireland north and south as indivisible as possible.A good start would be the proposals that I outlined here.This paves the way for Irish unity.

3.Referenda-North and South: Decades on,the policy of unity with the border before unity without the border will have proved successful and ultimately the border will simply slip away as the people,north and south,embrace reunification.
The Troubles are over.Ireland is not won.It is simply-one.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday-Blogs

As I pondered on what to do for this week's edition of Top Ten Tuesday I thought to myself,what better thing to do than to irritate and annoy those I'm friendliest with in the blogosphere by arranging their blogs in order of preference!I give you my opinion of the top ten blogs! So without further ado:

1.A Tangled Web
2.Slugger O'Toole
3.Gerry O'Sullivan's Blog
4.NI Magyar
5.Internet Commentator
6.Neither Indifferent Nor Sceptical
7.Back Seat Drivers
8.Gavin's Blog
9.Irish Eagle
10.Richard Delevan's sicNotes

I'll give a brief summary of the reasons for my choices.
A Tangled Web is first because I frequent it more than any other blog and I find it offers the best form of debate .
Slugger O'Toole is second because as much as I enjoy the place,and I still visit,I feel it is let down by contributors who aren't willing to think for themselves.
Gerry O'Sullivan's blog is third because I like his writing style,especially one of his posts about Newgrange a couple of months back.
NI Magyar is fourth due to his impressive writing and thought out posts.I also enjoy the presentation.
Internet Commentator is fifth as I have had some interesting debates with Frank on matters ranging from football to philosophy.
Ciaran's blog,
Neither Indifferent Nor Sceptical,is sixth and is somewhere I regularly visit and you're guaranteed to hear some interesting opinions from a very learned guy.
Back Seat Drivers is somewhere I've visited lately and I only recently noticed they gave my blog a link so I've returned the favour!
The other three,Gavin's Blog,Irish Eagle and Richard Delevan's sicNotes are likewise sites I've only recently noticed but I am impressed with the opinions offered up by each site and they have become places I look into regularly.
I have since put up links to those three sites.

So those are my choices.Feel free to air your views on them and if you feel there are other blogs I should take a look at,recommend a couple for me.


Cabinet to Discuss IMC Report

The Cabinet is set to discuss the Independent Monitoring Commission's report on the Northern Bank raid at its weekly meeting later today.

It's believed that the report will find the IRA responsible for the raid and will recommend finanacial sanctions against Sinn Fein Assembly members as punishment for the IRA's complicity.The report is duet to become public in the coming days.

Perhaps someone can explain to me the logic of imposing financial sanctions on people involved in the theft of £26.5m?Financial sanctions will achieve diddly-squat!

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