Thursday, February 24, 2005


Thursday Thoughts:Repartition

The idea of Ireland's north being repartitioned is something that pops up every once in a while.It is fair to classify it a unionist argument rather than a nationalist one,indeed loyalist groups have been known to favour repartition and the creation of an ethnically pure four county NI.

Needless to say,I completely oppose the idea of repartition.If another NI state was to be created that had a unionist majority,it would make the idea of a reunified Ireland pretty much impossible.I feel that as time goes by,unionists will look at the idea of repartition in more detail but the response of Irish nationalism must be quite clear - no way!

As far as I'm concerned,the only repartition of the border will be the permanent removal of the border and the establishment of a United Ireland.Unionists and loyalists must always be made aware of that.


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