Friday, February 18, 2005


Details Emerge...

The Evening Herald's Mick McCaffrey and Isabel Hurley today gave a very thorough account of the extent of Sinn Fein/IRA's money-laundering operation which involved the IRA shipping dirty money into the Republic,smuggling it out of the country to buy cigarettes,selling the goods here and then pumping the cash into pubs and property in Ireland and Sweden.
Apparently Sinn Fein members regularly travelled to Eastern Europe to clinch the cigarette deals.The Provos were on the verge of laundering much of the Northern Bank cash when the CAB(Criminal Assets Bureau) struck yesterday at lunchtime.It was also revealed that:

The operation has been covert for many months and involved officers,led by Deputy Commissioner Fachtna Murphy,Asst Commissioner Tony Hickey and Det Chief Supt Felix McKenna of the CAB.There has been cooperation with the PSNI.

The article states that "Sinn Fein's so-called anti-crime stance is a sham" and that "party members have been using major criminal gangs in Dublin and Limerick to launder a trail of dirty money".

Sinn Fein's credibility is lost and hopefully their vote will be damaged considerably.


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