Thursday, February 17, 2005


Thursday Thoughts:European Nationalism

I oppose European Nationalists.I know that there are people in various European countries who would love to see a European Superstate but it is not something I can agree with.
I am an Irish nationalist and what I desire more than anything is to see my island nation reunited at last.Do I believe that this could be done within the confines of a European nation?No.

If history has taught us anything it is that we Irish cannot rely on outside interference to sort out our problems.We couldn't rely on French or Spanish assistance to achieve our political aims,nor could the really desperate elements of Ireland rely on Nazi Germany(thankfully).
Why then do some people believe that we can rely on Europe?We cannot.

I look on the Republic as an incomplete entity.The aspiration of Irish unity should be completed before we open our arms to other nations.France,Germany and others are complete nations.Ireland is not.The Irish Government,in its attempts to get a Yes vote in the referendum on the EU constitution,is ignoring the goal that Ireland must accomplish-reunification.

The moves that are being undertaken by the Irish Government are moves that we as Irish people are not yet ready for.Irish people do not belong in a United States of Europe;they belong in a United State of Ireland.


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