Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Happy St.Patri...Oh No,Wait...

I see that Belfast City Council has voted against providing funding for this year's St.Patrick's Day parade due to unionist opposition.(hat tip to ATW)

Sinn Fein,SDLP and Progressive Unionist Party councillors all supported a request for £30,000 in funding,but it was voted down by unionists who claimed the event was not inclusive enough.

Unionists say organisers failed to do enough to make Protestants welcome.

Bollocks!No doubt they will have no problem whatsoever in supporting requests for funding for the 12th of July celebrations.That is hardly inclusive towards Catholics now,is it?
St.Patrick's Day is supposed to be above the usual nationalist/unionist,Catholic/Protestant crap.
Not this year,I guess.Chalk this one off as a victory for the ignorant...


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