Monday, February 21, 2005


Monday Madness-Mary McAleese

I'm fast losing respect for President McAleese,I really am.

It was bad enough that she gave in to the unionist hypocrites by apologising over her comments about the prejudice and hatred Protestants felt for Catholics,but she has now decided to cancel a visit to the Shankill Road in Belfast this week.

It is truly a sorry sight to see this island's President fawning over unionists like some desperate puppy.Where the hell are the calls for David Trimble or Ian Paisley to apologise over their disgusting remarks about my state?Oh,the unionists aren't happy with the President even after the apology they received?Well,Boohoo!Someone organise them a telethon!

McAleese should never have apologised.She has shown how weak she really is and made herself into a laughing stock.


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