Friday, February 18, 2005



'YOU LIAR!'-That was the headline of today's Evening Herald newspaper directed at Gerry Adams and the paper really laid into Sinn Fein,pulling no punches.

Journalist Tom Cooney wrote and interesting piece on Sinn Fein.Here's an excerpt:

"It was a telling moment on RTE's Prime Time last night to hear presenter Mark Little report that Sinn Fein declined to assign a spokesman to appear on the current affairs programme.The republican movement clearly knows that it cannot defend the indefensible both in regard to the Northern Bank robbery and the murder of Belfast man Robert McCartney.

Sinn Fein's empty studio chair was more eloquent than any of their weasel soundbites,and this absence contrasted with the sincere congratulations offered to the Government and the gardai by none other than Ian Paisley Junior."

Cooney finishes by saying that "Sinn Fein will pay a heavy price f0r their duplicity in both the Westminster elections and in the by-elections in Meath and Kildare North".

I can't argue with Cooney's views.I think Sinn Fein have been dealt a severe blow and I don't think they can wriggle their way out of this situation.


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