Saturday, February 19, 2005


Saturday Survey

Heroes of the Week: Gardai:Even unionists have been quick to praise the actions of the Republic's police force who have done a fantastic job in uncovering the lies and criminality associated with the Sinn Fein leadership.They have done the country proud and have protected and served the people the way a police force should.Well done to them.

Villains of the Week: Sinn Fein: They have been exposed as nothing more than liars and criminals and their foolish supporters will hopefully now acknowledge what the rest of the island have been saying all along- that they are hurting the peace process.

Funniest Moment of the Week: Bertie Getting Tough on Touts:I found it hilarious to hear that the Taoiseach feels tackling touts to be an important matter for a Prime Minister to deal with.Crazy!

Dunce of the Week: Pierce Brosnan:Doh!He priced himself out of the next Bond film by demanding £30m to reprise his role.Not very suave,Pierce!

Celebrity of the Week: Norman Wisdom:The legendary funnyman turned ninety yesterday.It's great to see him still going strong after all this time.

Quote of the Week: "Maybe I'm wrong,but I believe them." - Gerry Adams,commenting on his feelings about the IRA's denial of involvement in the Northern Bank raid.Adams can't be trusted!

United Irelander's Busiest Day of the Week: Friday - over 165 visits(new record)


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