Wednesday, February 16, 2005


GAA Pass Motion to Debate Rule 42

The GAA's annual congress will debate the issue of opening Croke Park to football and rugby.
The GAA's Motion's Committee,chaired by the Association President Sean Kelly,met yesterday in Dublin and it's believed at least some of the re-submitted Rule 42 motions were passed for debate at April's Congress.
The committee's decision will be officially annnounced today.

This means the membership can still make the decision to open up Croke Park to rugby and soccer.

I think this is good news.Personally,I am all for opening Croke Park to football and rugby.Croke Park is the greatest stadium on the island,as well as one of the best in Europe,and our sporting athletes deserve the opportunity to perform on it.It also makes sense financially for the GAA to agree to these proposals.
Let's see it happen!


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