Sunday, February 06, 2005


A Man on a Mission

I see Arts Minister John O'Donoghue is jetting off for Hollywood today on a mission to persuade movie moguls to film more major productions in Ireland.

It's about time that more major productions were filmed in Ireland!
How about having the new Superman film produced in Ireland?Clark Kent can be seen working for the Irish Independent and when he changes into Superman,he can wear a lovely green,white and orange spandex suit and tackle the paramilitaries!

How about a big alien blockbuster movie set in Ireland?Why is it the aliens always end up going to America,eh?Let's face it,if aliens wanted to meet other little green men,their best bit would be to head to Ireland.I'm thinking Donegal...

Perhaps the answer is to create sequels of some much-loved Irish classics?How about The Quiet Man 2:Not so Quiet,anymore!This time the film will be set in the city as opposed to the country!
How about a remake of Michael Collins?This time the film might be historically accurate!

Perhaps the answer is to bring some classic Irish TV shows to the big screen!Bosco!Bosco goes on a magical adventure around Ireland!Bosco would become the new Shrek around the world!
Or how about a film about Glenroe?It could sweep the Oscars!

I think with these ideas,I would be a far better option than boring old Mr O'Donoghue!


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