Thursday, February 10, 2005


Thursday Thoughts:Marginalise Sinn Fein

This week I'd like to comment on what to do with Sinn Fein,the republican thugs who are spitting in the face of the people of Ireland with their incessant criminality.
There have been plenty of suggestions on how to deal with Sinn Fein.The DUP were today calling for the three senior members mentioned in the IMC's report to be arrested.
Bertie Ahern and Mark Durkan have said they oppose sanctions.Pat Rabbitte took this line today also.Enda Kenny called on the Criminal Assets Bureau to pursue the proceeds of IRA criminality.The Conservatives meanwhile have called for sanctions.What do I think?

I think sanctions would be unwise.A cautious approach is required by the two governments.Gerry Adams perhaps should be arrested but this would play into his martyr fantasies and would do more damage than good.Sinn Fein's attitude reminds me of a petulant child kicking and screaming until it gets its way.The way to deal with a child like that is for the parent to simply walk away.Eventually the child will realise the tactics of bullying and blackmail do not work.This is what the two governments and the parties must do.

Sinn Fein must be marginalised as much as possible.They should be denied an invite to the White House for St.Patrick's Day.I would like to hear Mr Bush criticise the actions of Sinn Fein,as well!
They should also be denied access to speak to Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern and they should be denied access to offices at Westminster.
Sinn Fein must be marginalised as much as possible so they realise that their actions will not be tolerated by the people or the other parties.Perhaps then their foolish supporters will realise that Sinn Fein are hampering this peace process rather than helping it.

Tonight Gerry Adams told the Taoiseach to "shut up or put up".I say let the bearded baby have his tantrum.The Taoiseach and everyone else in this process should simply walk away from Sinn Fein!


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