Sunday, February 20, 2005


Sunday Scrutiny-Enda Kenny

I see that today Enda Kenny has said that the middle ground needs to be brought back into the peace process.Last week,when commenting on the discovery of Sinn Fein/IRA's money-laundering operation,he asked "what the hell" was going on.Some would ask the same thing when questioning his own leadership record.After all,has Kenny proved to the public that he is worthy enough of running the country?

In my opinion Kenny still has alot to prove to the Irish people.He seems willing enough to enter into a coalition with Labour and it is time the two parties showed a more united front.
The success of Fine Gael in the European and Local elections in 2004 has given the party something to build on,however recent opinion polls have shown strong support for Bertie and his cronies.

Ultimately,I feel Kenny would be a more suitable leader of Ireland than Bertie and the other gangsters,however Kenny must continue to reach out to the Irish people and put forward his proposals.This country needs an alternative.


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