Friday, February 11, 2005


OO to Desecrate Cork City

The News Letter has reported that the organisers of Cork's St.Patrick's Day festival have invited the Orange Order to march through its city centre on March 17.(hat-tip to ATW)

The Orange Order are said to be "delighted" at the invitation.

I'm sure they are delighted,but I for one am disgusted.The Orange Order,the merry band of bigots who have a ban on Catholics and who clearly hate Catholicism with a passion,are to be allowed waddle down Cork City shoving their triumphalist xenophobia down Irish people's throats?Ridiculous.

We have seen the violence that has occurred at OO marches,for example at Drumcree.The OO is an organisation with prejudice and hatred at its very core.
Allowing these bigots the opportunity to voice their unacceptable hate-filled views is a mistake.

I would urge the people of Cork to protest against this decision.It is their duty as Irish people.


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