Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I Don't Give a Dame!

What's all this fuss about Ellen MacArthur?She sailed around the world faster than anybody we're told but from what I hear it wasn't a real circumnavigation!
I'm hearing people calling her a 'hero' and her voyage a 'sporting achievement'.Neither is true!
She is very courageous alright and I admire her efforts but calling her a hero I feel is a bit much.
Also,how is this a sporting achievement?Perhaps if she was racing against somebody but she wasn't.Now she is to be made a Dame also!

Congratulations are of course in order for Ms MacArthur.I am useless around boats so I truly do admire her feat but people need to get things in perspective.From looking at the letters pages on BBC today,it is clear many British people agree with me.


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