Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Oh Brother...

Auditions are taking place today in Dublin for the new series of the UK's Big Brother.
Producers will be scouring queues at the Royal Dublin Society for an Irish person for the sixth series of the show.
The Dublin audition is one of seven open interviews being held across Britain and Ireland and the applicants must be over 18.All that is required is for the hopefuls to turn up at an audition and show Big Brother why they should be chosen to take part.

I honestly have no idea why anyone would subject themselves to this.Even if you win the competition,what then?In a week you are forgotten about and you will be forever known as "That one from Big Brother".No doubt we will get some Plastic Paddy banging on about Oirland at every opportunity in the hope that the Irish vote will win the competition.Yawn.

Needless to say I won't be auditioning myself!


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