Sunday, January 02, 2005


Say No to Europe

I found this good piece in the Examiner by Ronan Mullen about the plans for the ratification of the European Constitution by each member state by the end of 2006.
Only four countries will hold referendums on the matter-Britain,Denmark,France and Ireland.
Mullen does a good job at pointing out the flaws in this Constitution commenting that our national veto will vanish from most areas,most notably justice and that asylum and immigration issues will now be decided by qualified majority voting.
The ridiculous voting system is mentioned also where according to the constitution,"a qualified majority shall be defined as at least 55% of the members of the council,comprising at least 15 of them and representing member states comprising at least 65% of the population of the Union".
This is a farce.As Mullen points out:

"Some say this will give the French and Germans enormous clout,since they have 40% of the EU population between them.Given their economic and political influence,won't they be able to find another 13 countries with 25% of the EU population to support them?Will the likes of Poland,Malta,Luxembourg and Cyprus put up that much of a fight?Ireland will lose some of its voting strength,with its percentage of the vote in the Council of Ministers being reduced.And within five years we will lose our automatic right to a commissioner."

Ladies and gentleman this is a threat to our sovereignty.Make no mistake about it.
This constitution paves the way for a federal Europe and will see Ireland walked over by the French and the Germans.Believe it!
It is imperative,absolutely imperative,that the Irish people give a resounding "No!" to this constitution which is a serious threat to our sovereignty and which will have catastrohic consequences for Ireland.
Hopefully the British will reject it too.Indeed,if the Irish people once more buy into the spin and lies of the main political parties then it may be down to the British to stand up to the EU but by then it might be too late for us!

I have always been annoyed at the Irish media for their ignorance towards the danger of the EU.Also,the attitude that the British are being petty and hostile in their position towards Europe and that they are being foolish in being cautious towards Europe.The British are the only ones who have the right attitude!They are aware of the danger that the EU pose.
We are the foolish ones!Embracing the European mainland in the hope they will look out for us.The reality is,they will not look out for the interests of the Irish.

How can the Irish be so naive?How can we expect the EU to uphold democracy?If the EU upheld democracy it would not have forced a second vote on the Nice treaty when the Irish electorate democratically rejected it.That showed to the rest of Europe that the EU is democratic only when it knows it's going to get its own way.The decision to hold a second Nice treaty referendum was the EU spitting on democracy and spitting in the face of those Irish people who exercised their vote.It sickened me and still sickens me.

There is a battle approaching.Realise that.It is a battle that the Irish people must win.
What is at stake is the democracy and sovereignty of Ireland.I urge Irish people to join me in voting No when this referendum comes along.The future of Ireland depends on it.
It is time to show these foreigners the power of Irish democracy before they rob us of it forever.
To hell with the EU!


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